The resilience factor 7 keys to finding your inner strength

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the resilience factor 7 keys to finding your inner strength

The Resilience Factor: 7 Keys to Finding Your Inner Strength and Overcoming Lifes Hurdles by Karen Reivich

my name okta ardiansyah putra, iam from indonesia, now iam college in university of muhammadiyah malang. this book is very importent to me couse, in this book i take the teory of recilience about aspect of recillience. i tried to looking for this book at many libraries but i cant fine it. please allow me to read this book. my parrent very hope i can finis my collage in november bucouse my dad retired on this month and he want to see me on the graduation day in that month. so please give me opportunity to read this book. thank you so much and i want say, my language is very bad so i ewant to apologize for tou all
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Reivich and Shatte's book is reminiscent of the bestselling Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, not just in the number of skills it discusses, but in the approach the authors take, too. Karen Reivich , Andrew Shatte, Ph. Resilience is a crucial ingredient—perhaps the crucial ingredient—to a happy, healthy life. More than anything else, it's what determines how high we rise above what threatens to wear us down, from battling an illness, to bolstering a marriage, to carrying on after a national crisis. Everyone needs resilience, and now two expert psychologists share seven proven techniques for enhancing our capacity to weather even the cruelest setbacks. The science in The Resilience Factor takes an extraordinary leap from the research introduced in the bestselling Learned Optimism a decade ago. Just as hundreds of thousands of people were transformed by "flexible optimism," readers of this book will flourish, thanks to their enhanced ability to overcome obstacles of any kind.

Sign up for LibraryThing to find out whether you'll like this book. However, some people seem blessed with the ability to cope with anything that life throws their way. Karen Reivich and Andrew Shatte have both spent their careers studying the unique quality that these people have tempered in order to survive and thrive. This book is a fascinating one, it covers a topic that is near and dear to many, especially in our crazy, fast-paced modern world. We may be stagnating at work, maybe a relationship with a spouse or significant other is losing its magic, maybe your kids mystify you since they suddenly became different people overnight, or perhaps it is something else that throws you off.

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