What is the meaning of solitude in hindi

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what is the meaning of solitude in hindi

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English to Hindi Meaning :: solitude

The state or quality of being alone or remote from others: Composers need solitude to work. The state of being secluded or uninhabited: sought out the solitude of the forest. A secluded or uninhabited place: "Beyond his bleak sky-line there stretched vast solitudes" Jack London. Switch to new thesaurus. Poetic wilderness , waste , desert , emptiness , wasteland travelling by yourself in these vast solitudes.

Perhaps some of that solitude and bitterness found its way into Alec Leamas. The Dude is at his happiest when he has a few minutes of solitude and rest to get high and listen to whale sounds. Solitude activates the imagination, and invites introspection. In that first sentence of One Hundred Years of Solitude , there are two mysteries: the firing squad and the ice. He would consent to leave her;—but, as he thought of it in his solitude , his eyes became moist with regret.

Synonyms: purdah , sex segregation. In retirement one withdraws from association he has had with others; we speak of the retirement of a public man to private life, tho he may still be much in company. In seclusion one shuts himself away from the society of all except intimate friends or attendants; in solitude no other person is present. While seclusion is ordinarily voluntary, solitude may be enforced; we speak of the solitude rather than the seclusion of a prisoner. As "private" denotes what concerns ourselves individually, privacy denotes freedom from the presence or observation of those not concerned or whom we desire not to have concerned in our affairs; privacy is more commonly temporary than seclusion ; we speak of a moment's privacy. There may be loneliness without solitude , as amid an unsympathizing crowd, and solitude without loneliness , as when one is glad to be alone. Synonyms: loneliness , privacy , retirement , seclusion.

"solitude" translation into Hindi

Solitude is a state of seclusion or isolation, i. It may stem from bad relationships, loss of loved ones, deliberate choice, infectious disease, mental disorders, neurological disorders or circumstances of employment or situation. Short-term solitude is often valued as a time when one may work, think or rest without being disturbed. It may be desired for the sake of privacy. A distinction has been made between solitude and loneliness. In this sense, these two words refer, respectively, to the joy and the pain of being alone. Lady Mary Wortley Montagu :.

Keyboard: Off Language: English. Amidst such solitude , tourists discover an eternal look in Himalaya. And when We did appoint for Moses forty nights of solitude , and then ye chose the calf, when he had gone from you, and were wrong-doers. At first she thought she would go mad with solitude. But having known human love she is unable to find peace in solitude and finally jumps from a snowy peak into the river below. Meaning and definitions of solitude, translation in hindi language for solitude with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of solitude in hindi and in English language.

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