What did the white league want

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what did the white league want

The White League by Thomas Zigal

Paul Blanchards comfortable world is turned upside down when his old fraternity brother, Mark Morvant, threatens to expose the secret that Paul has been harboring for 20 years. He demands that Paul secure for him the backing of a clandestine organization caleld The White League, a group he maintains is the real power in New Orleans. As his well-ordered world begins to collapse around him, Paul struggles with the moral consequences of his own past.
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White supremacy is the belief that white people are superior to others because of their race.
Thomas Zigal

The White League

In and , the White League was responsible for widespread violence against black and white Republicans in Louisiana and Mississippi. Disregarding all minor questions of principle or policy, and having solely in view the maintenance of our hereditary civilization and Christianity menaced by a stupid Africanization, we appeal to men of our race, of whatever language or nationality, to unite with us against that supreme danger. A league of whites is the inevitable result of that formidable, oath-bound, and blindly obedient league of the blacks, which, under the command of the most cunning and unscrupulous negroes in the State, may at any moment plunge us into a war of races. Citations 1 : Quoted in Glenn M. In August , the White League murdered six white Republicans and as many as 20 black witnesses in Coushatta, Louisiana. Following the massacre, Louisiana governor William Kellogg issued this statement.

Read one call for supporters:. Can you bear it longer, that negro [sic] ignorance, solidified in opposition to white intelligence, and led by carpet-bag and scalawag impudence and villainy, shall continue to hold the State, your fortunes and your honor by the throat, while they perpetuate upon you indignities and crimes unparalleled? The White League, made up largely of former Confederate soldiers and the white business elite, was dedicated to the reestablishment of white supremacy. In September , the League overwhelmed the state militia seized control of state government offices. The attack left 27 Republican supporters of Reconstruction dead, including 24 African Americans and three whites. President Ulysses S.

The White League , also known as the White Man's League , [2] [3] was a white paramilitary terrorist organization started in the Southern United States in to intimidate freedmen from voting and politically organizing. Its first chapter was formed in Grant Parish, Louisiana , and neighboring parishes and was made up of many of the Confederate veterans who had participated in the Colfax massacre in April Chapters were soon founded in New Orleans and other areas of the state. Members of the White League were absorbed into the state militias and the National Guard. Although sometimes linked to the secret vigilante groups, the Ku Klux Klan and Knights of the White Camelia , the White League and other paramilitary groups of the later s marked a significant change. Similar paramilitary groups were chapters of the Red Shirts , started in Mississippi in and active also in North and South Carolina. They had explicit political goals to overthrow the Reconstruction government.

Dec 2, The White League was organized to intimidate freed slaves and keep those who supported those ex-slaves out of office.
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The White League was organized to intimidate freed slaves and keep those who supported those ex-slaves out of office. The White League paramilitary organization started in , soon after President Abraham Lincoln issued to Emancipation Proclamation in that called for all slaves to be released. This was the response from angry slave-owning or slave-benefiting residents in Confederate states, for it started with many Confederate veterans who served during the Colfax massacre, where about black men were killed by white southerners. This group of white men hence the name wanted to eliminate all of the progression the northerners were doing to emancipate all of the slaves. They preferred pro-slavery candidates to run for office.


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    The White League, also known as the White Man's League, was a white paramilitary terrorist The League had entered the city to try to take over state government, in the aftermath of the disputed gubernatorial election. In the subsequent.

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    After the Civil War, Louisiana drafted and implemented a new constitution that abolished slavery and significantly diminished the political clout of the "old guard" of planters and merchants.

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