What is up my dudes

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what is up my dudes

Farewell My Dudes: 69 Dystopian Haikus by Johnathan Rice

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Published 22.10.2019

My Longest "It is Wednesday my Dudes" Ever

Putting both contacts into one eye is certainly one way to kick off the morning. Originally posted by usedpimpa.
Johnathan Rice

My Dudes GIFs

A piece in the Daily Dot brought our attention to a meme craze lighting Tumblr aflame: the "It is Wednesday, my dudes" frog. It's basically just about…Wednesday. Perhaps it's an antidote against the sentiment of Wednesday being the worst day of the week. More likely, it's just disassociated randomness, attached to a funny frog. First posted in December of , the image continues to build in popularity, perhaps due to this ultra-popular Vine 56 million loops and counting :.

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The image originates from a post by tumblr user "kidpix2" entitled ''Wednesday '' [2] The image was posted on December 10th, and has since gained over 60, notes. As search for itiswednesdaymydudes on iFunny brings up over one thousand results.,




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