What is the haunted tunnel

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what is the haunted tunnel

The Haunted Tunnel by Jacqueline Stem

Great historical fiction childrens novel that takes place in Jefferson, TX just after the emancipation of the slaves. My family has had this book since I was little, and I remember my mom or grandmother reading it aloud when I was little. Its a rather short book, and this was the first time I read through it and not just listened to it. It was quite a fun read. My great aunt Marj went to church with the author and would always give us Smith children a copy of the new Jackie Stem books when they were published, and always signed by the author herself with a personal note to us! I think I would like to adapt it to a screenplay and make it into a movie some day.
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Most CREEPY Abandoned Tunnels Around The World!

10 Haunted Tunnels With Really Creepy Backstories

Have you endured the horror that lurks within the walls of Nightmares Fear Factory? After all, ghosts are only entitled to quite particular types of fun. Would you believe that even more haunted areas exist in Niagara Falls? There exists many variations of the legend, yet none of those iterations is widely held. Rather, they swirl around one another and sometimes contradict, sometimes magnify the specific details of the case. Her clothing ablaze, she sought the water which ran through what would someday become the Screaming Tunnel. Another tells of an enraged and jealous father who dragged his daughter down to the tunnel and set her on fire over a lost custody battle.

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We shouldn't have made it out of the haunted tunnel... **LIVE FOOTAGE**

Tunnels are echoey, dark and often damp—the perfect places for evil people to do things they want to keep hidden. Here is a list of some of the horrible things that are supposed to have happened in tunnels, which may have left ghostly echoes behind. Legend says the ghost of a man carrying a lantern appears inside this haunted tunnel. He is said to have been a railroad brakeman who was struck by a train in the late s. In fact, newspaper reports indicate at least four brakemen met their end in or near this dangerous tunnel.


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