What is a medical intern

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what is a medical intern

Intern: A Doctors Initiation by Sandeep Jauhar

Dr. Jauhar seems like a pretty narcissistic douche. His personal career struggles, the difficulty he has in deciding what profession to pursue, and his moderate depression and ennui in the midst of stressful situations are, he will be surprised to hear, much less interesting than the anecdotes of the hospital patients under his care. His and his brothers (also a physician) douchiness are not unexpected given their parents attitudes: get out of academia, where you will never be successful but will languish as an underpaid post-doc for decades (Jauhar got a PhD in physics before going into medicine); go into medicine, which will bring prestige upon you and us, and then go into cardiology, which will bestow greater prestige and wealth than internal medicine. Jauhar admits going into cardiology for these reasons, so points for being honest, I guess.

Nor does the medical profession as a whole come off well here. The message seems to be: if any crumb of kindness, understanding, or compassion gets dropped your way from a doctor, treasure it, for they are few and far between.

Theres a weird, casual misogyny in the book, odd for someone only in his forties. Rachel is a knockout blonde. Nancy is a good-looking blonde. A nurse is stocky, with a broad Filipino mug and a mop of ink black hair and stale breath. Caitlin, a very attractive brunette, had great breasts. As she explained to him the ins and outs of his oncology fellowship at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital. Does Caitlin like being referred to in this manner? After all, she must know by now. There arent that many doctors who could have explained Dr. Jauhars fellowship to him in the Sloan-Kettering cafeteria that day. Or perhaps she was a composite of all the other great-breasted women doctors at Sloan-Kettering. Dr. Jauhar writes about all these knockout blonds and great breasts right on the eve of getting engaged to his girlfriend Sonia. Dr. Jauhar is concerned about marrying Sonia, because Sonia too is a doctor, and he worries about a two-doctor marriage. But he finds comfort in a study that found that women in dual-doctor marriages spent more time rearing children, more often arranged their work schedules to fulfill family responsibilities, worked fewer hours, and earned less money.

Three stars for the medical stories, one star for the douchiness.
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Tips and advice for new doctors

Doctors, Residents, Interns, and Attendings: What's the Difference?

Australian and New Zealand medical graduates must apply for provisional registration so they can undertake a period of accredited intern training to become eligible for general registration. Interns are only permitted to work in accredited intern positions. Final year medical school students are encouraged to apply for provisional registration six weeks from completing their medical course and this can be done by completing an online application. All documents submitted to support an application for registration must comply with the requirements for certifying and translating documents. You may be required to submit additional information in support of your application to help the Board determine whether you are suitable for provisional registration. If you require another period of registration to complete your intern training, you can apply to renew your provisional registration.

As I discussed above, residency is a three-plus year training program in a medical specialty. The first year of training after medical school is called an internship, or more commonly it is called first year of residency or PGY-1 Post-Graduate Year The training that is done after a residency in a subspecialty is usually called a fellowship. Much of what you will learn in your chosen specialty will be learned in your residency. It's hard to believe that, after 12 years of school, four years of college and four years of medical school, there is still so much to learn. The first 20 years of school are the foundation and the tools you will need to learn your specialty. During your residency you will learn medicine by caring for patients with a variety of diseases.

If you are being treated in a hospital you may be confused by the wide variety of different titles that are used for physicians. This quick guide should help clarify the roles and education levels of the different students and physicians you may see during a hospitalization. In a large teaching facility, you may see individuals ranging from medical students who are not licensed physicians, physicians in training, and others who are fully trained and supervising other physicians. In the United States, an individual must complete high school and obtain a bachelor's degree prior to beginning medical school. In order to apply to medical school, the student must complete a bachelor's degree and coursework in biology, physics, and chemistry. In some cases, a school may combine the bachelor's program with the medical school program, but these programs are less common than the traditional bachelor's degree followed by medical school program of study.

The Doctors on Your Healthcare Team

Switch to new thesaurus. Britain , Great Britain , U. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Jayashree Raju, was a medical intern at that time and she helped emcee the first annual show of Kalapadma at the Taft high School Auditorium in Electrifying dance recital by students of Kalapadma Academy.


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