What to wear on picture day at school

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what to wear on picture day at school

Never Wear Red Lipstick on Picture Day: by Allison Gutknecht

The spirited and sassy eight-year-old Mandy Berr strives to look—and behave!—her best in this sweet and funny tale.

Class Picture Day is fast approaching, and Mandy Berr is looking for the perfect accessory that will complete her special outfit. Her fancy-dancy sunglasses, sparkly scarf, and pink handbag are all up for consideration—but Mandy isn’t sure those will be good enough.

As if picking out an appropriate look for her class picture wasn’t enough to worry about, the principal announces a contest for the entire school: whoever exhibits the best behavior in the lunchroom for two weeks gets to have a lunch with him in the mythical teacher’s lounge! Mandy is determined to win…but will her nemesis, Dennis, get in her way?
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What to Wear on School Picture Day

I got the kids up and started getting them ready for school. My husband was off that day, so I left for work leaving him to finish getting Connor ready in his dress shirt and slacks. When I got home that evening, I asked Connor how pictures went and if he smiled nice. I thought nothing more of it. Until yesterday morning. I was checking my email and saw the email that the proofs were ready to be viewed. I opened the email expecting to see a proof of Connor in his green cap and gown.


They grow out of them so quickly. School picture day can be a stressful time as a parent. When we are stressed, our kids can feel it too. Accessories can make or break an outfit! On school picture day you want your child to stand out and feel their best! Do you remember that year? Titanic sunk the box offices.

School pictures appear in yearbooks, become gifts for family members and create lasting mementos for school-aged friends, so make clothing choices carefully before picture day. You want all eyes to focus on the student's smile, not the vibrant pattern or logo on his shirt. Choosing a simple, timeless top in a solid color looks best when posing for a school picture. Children appear happy and vibrant in bright colors. When dressing a young student for picture day, bright colors enhance the child's jovial appearance.

Every year, beginning in kindergarten up until high school graduation, picture day at school rolls around. Knowing what colors work well in school photographs is essential for taking consistently good pictures. From basic black to bright hues, certain colors work better than others. Learn a few simple rules and you can make a strong showing in many yearbooks to come. When choosing a top, consider your coloring. If you have a warm skin tone yellow or olive undertones , a warm shade like orange or red is a smart choice.


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