No matter what short story

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no matter what short story

No Matter What by Debi Gliori

Small was feeling grim and grumpy.

A parent fox and a child fox live in a house together. They are named Large and Small. Small has a temper tantrum which overturns furniture and knocks paintings out of alignment, and when Large asks whats wrong, Small expresses worry that Large doesnt love Small at all. Large assures Small this is not the case. Small tests this by asking

If I were a grumpy grizzly bear,
would you still love me?
Would you still care?

Of course, said Large.
Bear or not,
Id always love you no matter what.

The picture shows Large bringing a baby bear soup and a hamburger while it gnaws on bones.

But if I turned into a squishy bug,
would you still love me and give me a hug?

The picture shows a gigantic bug sitting at the table slurping up soup through its proboscis.

Of course, said Large.
Bug or not,
Id always love you, no matter what.

This shows Large reading the gigantic bug a bedtime story.

Small is in the bath.

No matter WHAT?
said Small with a smile.
What if I were
a crocodile?

We see now that a crocodile has taken Smalls place in the bathtub. Large extends a hand, holding out Smalls toothbrush and toothpaste.

Id still hold you close and snug and tight,
and tuck you up in bed each night.

We see Large and the crocodile in the swamp, Large is giving the huge crocodile a good-night kiss.

But does love wear out?
Does it break or bend?
Can you fix or patch it?
Does it mend?

We see Small sadly holding a broken toy.

With time together, a smile, and a kiss -
love can be mended with things like this.

We see Small sitting on Larges lap, Large is helping to fix the toy.

But what about when youre far away?
Does your love go too, or does it stay?

Large has fallen asleep while reading to Small.

Look up at the stars.
Theyre far, far away.
But their light reaches us
at the end of each day.

Its like that with love -
we may be close, we may be far,
but our love still surrounds us...
wherever we are.


- Large and Small are completely genderless. This makes the story fit with any kind of parent/child or grandparent/child or relative/child or grown-up/child pairing you might have upon reading it.

- The illustrations. Although they are not beautiful (Im very picky), Glioris little touches are priceless.

Theres a butchers diagram of a sheep on the wall, Small owns a fat stuffed bunny, the characters use candelabras even though their house is wired for electricity, they have fat bunny salt and pepper shakers on the table, they have a wood-burning stove, they have a The Fox and The Grapes illustration (from Aesops Fables) on their wall as art, they have a sheep pen and a duck pond... etc. etc.

Just cute little foxy touches that make the story that much better, more interesting, and more enjoyable.

- The message is cute, and I always enjoy when characters shape-shift in order to test parents love.

- The illustrations arent as pretty as I like them. (Nitpick)

- The summary for this book claims that this book deals in grief and/or the death of a loved one due to this passage:

But what about when youre far away?
Does your love go too, or does it stay?

Look up at the stars.
Theyre far, far away.
But their light reaches us
at the end of each day.

Its like that with love -
we may be close, we may be far,
but our love still surrounds us...
wherever we are.

Sigh. I didnt see this as a grief/death thing at all, instead I interpreted it as a someones moved away scenario. I guess you could be very liberal with your interpretation and see this as dealing with grief/death, but its not explicit enough for me and this does NOT count as a help your child cope with grief book for me at all.

Tl;dr - This book is very lauded. I thought it was pretty good, especially the little touches Gliori makes on the illustrations. However, for grief books Id look elsewhere.

Ages 0-4.
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Published 16.10.2019

Kids Book Read Aloud - No Matter What by Debi Gliori - Ms. Becky & Bear's Storytime

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Debi Gliori

No Matter What’s Happening In Your Life Right Now, You Must Read This Short Story

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About No Matter What

If you are anything like me, the notion of writing a short story is nothing short of daunting—more daunting than writing any other type of prose, especially when it comes to character development. But fear not! Because space is at a premium when word count is low. Saying more with less is much more difficult than it might seem. Short stories contain all the aspects of a prose narrative and all the precision of a poem.

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