Funny things to put in pass the parcel

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funny things to put in pass the parcel

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How to Play Pass the Parcel

These pass the parcel forfeit ideas are a great idea to play when having an afternoon Ice cube to be put in your t-shirt until you name 5 types of fish! Tell a joke - if no one finds it funny, be prepared with another one! or after your game, check out the recipe collection on my page to see if something appeals to you!.

Pass the Parcel Dares :)

Pass the Parcel was one of my favorite birthday games growing up. I still remember the first time I setup the forfeits for a group of kids who had never played it before. They were crazy about it! One mother even told me her son made his own version of Pass the Parcel and the whole family played it the next day because he loved it so much. That excitement for the game is what inspired me to write this blog post. Pass the Parcel is a party game where people sit in a circle and pass a pre-wrapped parcel present from one person to the other while music plays.

So basically it's pass the parcel but with a twist. In each layer, theres a few lollies or chocolates as well as a slip of paper with a dare on it. It's pretty fun because when the music stops on you, you know you are in for something : Lisa says: This is a great way to play that makes it extra fun for everyone! Click here for more variations on How to Play Pass the Parcel. Average Rating. Click here to add your own comments.

Image from MS Clip Art. Suggestion: Have a second time limit for each forfeit: 1. Sing a nursery rhyme! Say the alphabets backwards! Act like your opposite gender! Show us your best dance move!

All the prizes listed below arrive in a small box or are small or flat enough to have several layers of paper around them without being cumbersome. I hope this helps give you some ideas about adding forfeits to your pass the parcel games.
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