The land of little rain analysis

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the land of little rain analysis

The Land of Little Rain by Mary Hunter Austin

“Between the high Sierras south from Yosemite—east and south over a very great assemblage of broken ranges beyond Death Valley, and on illimitably into the Mojave Desert” is the territory that Mary Austin calls the Land of Little Rain. In this classic collection of meditations on the wonders of this region, Austin generously shares “such news of the land, of its trails and what is astir in them, as one lover of it can give to another.” Her vivid writings capture the landscape—from burnt hills to sun-baked mesas—as well as the rich variety of plant and animal life, and the few human beings who inhabit the land, including cattlemen, miners, and Paiute Indians. This Modern Library Paperback Classic is set from the original 1903 edition.
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Regionalism in Mary Austin’s The Land of Little Rain

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Author Mary Austin begins by describing the unbearable heat in this area but emphasizes that despite the hot climate and the tough environment it is worth living there because the solitude provides a peaceful state of mind. Austin is fascinated by the animals who found their place in nature there, with their almost magical power of finding water. Logically, she moves on to give an account of the scavengers, i. She acknowledges that they are a necessary part of the desert life but also criticizes humans for their littering because their trash cannot be eaten by the scavengers and therefore remains outside the natural recycling process.

A selection of primary resources follows the questions. Austin moved from her hometown of Carlinville, Illinois to the San Joaquin Valley in at age twenty. There in she married Stafford Wallace Austin, an engineer seven years her senior. Wallace Austin struggled to find steady employment. This struggle carried the couple through several homes in Eastern California. She left her husband and eventually settled in Carmel, California. There she enjoyed contact with prominent figures like H.

The Land of Little Rain Summary

Which Came First - The Rain or the Rainforest?

The Land of Little Rain has been published six times. The first publication was in by Houghton Mifflin. Subsequent publications include a abridged version with photographs by Ansel Adams also by Houghton Mifflin , a illustrated version by E. Boyd Smith published by University of New Mexico Press , a edition with an introduction by Edward Abbey published as part of the Penguin Nature Library by Penguin Books , and a edition published with an introduction by Terry Tempest Williams , also published by Penguin Books, and a edition with photography by Mojave Desert photographer Walter Feller , publisher by Counterpoint Press. The Land of Little Rain is a collection of short stories and essays detailing the landscape and inhabitants of the American Southwest. A message of environmental conservation and a philosophy of cultural and sociopolitical regionalism [3] loosely links the stories together.

Download M4B MB. If you are not in the USA, please verify the copyright status of these works in your own country before downloading, otherwise you may be violating copyright laws. Production details Running Time: Zip file size: Download cover art Download CD case insert. The Land of Little Rain is a book of sketches which portray the high desert country of southern California, where the Sierras descend into the Mojave Desert. Mary Austin finds beauty in the harsh landscape: "This is the sense of the desert hills--that there is room enough and time enough. The treeless spaces uncramp the soul.

This sets her apart from transcendentalist authors. Austin, Anzaldua, Ehrlich, and Williams fall on the other hand. These women focus on specific places, seemingly trying to understand their portion of the natural world. Robert Haas notes two literary influences in The Land of Little Rain : the nature essay and local color regionalism xiii. Regionalism, as Donna M. By focusing on region, authors explore how place influences culture. Austin emphasize this point several times in her nature writing.


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