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d nolan clark the silence

Forsaken Skies (The Silence, #1) by D. Nolan Clark

I dont like to say it is a Seven Samurai (SS) or Magnificent Seven (MS) in space, although it is easy to consider SS/MS as the inspiration. First of all, there are only SIX pilots, not seven. As far as I know, SS, MS 1960 version, and MS 2016 version, all three have the same pattern(view spoiler)[: 4 fighters would dead, 3 would survive. One of the survivor would be the leader. (hide spoiler)]. With only 6 pilots in this story, my petty personality cannot accept this story as a Magnificent Seven in Space.

I cannot help myself comparing the six pilots with the SS or MS characters. To make it easier, I only use MS of 1960 version for further reference. I consider the comparison as spoilers:
(view spoiler)[
Lanoe - The Leader, equivalent with Kambei from SS, or Chris Adams from MS.
Thom - The young one, equivalent with Katsushiro from SS, or Buchholz from MS.
Zhang - The old second of the Leader, equivalent with Shichiroji from SS. Although on this story Zhang has significantly more appearance on Forsaken Skies than Shichiroji on SS.
Ehta - The Marine, equivalent with Lee from MS.
Maggs - The Fortune Seeker, equivalent with Harry Luck from MS.
Valk - The Blue Devil, The second in command. The most creative character developed by the author. Part Gorobei, part Kyuzo, part Vin Tanner. He was in opposite side than Lanoe in previous war, and Lanoe admitted Valk was one of the few pilots who could be considered as his worthy opponent. (hide spoiler)]

Besides the similarities in characters, the story still has a lot of new things than just following SS/MS story. For example, the enemy is mysterious, and the center government (The Navy) has more significant role than in SS/MS.

There are a lot of space battle scenes, I admit that. This is the main attractions of the book. The fighting is properly balance between giving readers a pleasure battle scenes but not overly written to become a porn. Every battle pushes the plot further.

Not a five star book, but it is a fun read, 3.5 star. Just be careful at the first half, there are some rather-boring chapters, but they are necessary for character development.
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Forgotten Worlds

Nolan Clark: Ha! I always meant to write science fiction, and in fact when I published my first novel Monster Island I thought I was writing sf. Of course, it had zombies in it, so it got put on the horror shelf. The book suggests one answer for that question. Nolan Clark: This is one of those questions every author has trouble answering. We are all the sum of our influences. An awful lot of Larry Niven and especially Iain M.


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D Nolan Clark is a pen name that acclaimed author David Wellington uses. His editors felt the pen name would help distance these books from the other books that Wellington has written in his career. It helped him give readers something that they had never seen before, from the Wellington name. Under his own name, he writes about werewolves, vampires, and zombies. He felt that he had to work towards writing this book, and his whole career has led him to the writing of this story.

Thank you! First, juiceless, installment of a space opera trilogy from Clark, a pseudonym for David Wellington The Cyclops Initiative , , etc. Luckily, year-old ex—space navy pilot Aleister Lanoe has pursued his quarry, the young murderer Thom, there. The usual complications, heroics, and surprises ensue, all professionally packaged and produced and entirely unmemorable. There was a problem adding your email address. Please try again.


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