Where were the nails in jesus

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where were the nails in jesus

He Chose the Nails Quotes by Max Lucado

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Published 17.09.2019

Crucifixion Nails of Jesus Christ Found?

10 Misconceptions About Jesus: #5 –Jesus was pierced through His hands

Some people debate the actual method Jesus was crucified. Some suggest Jesus was nailed to the cross by his hands. Others are skeptical and suggest instead He was probably nailed to the cross by His wrists. Some people suggest Jesus was in fact nailed to the cross by his hands. Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing. Others are skeptical and suggest that if Jesus was nailed by his hands, the weight would not have supported it, and the nails would have ripped out of his hands or the hand bones would have broken.

Was Jesus Nailed to the Cross by His Hands or Wrists?

I am writing this article to clear up a common misunderstanding about the wounds in Christ's hands. Often in artwork, statues, and crucifixes the wounds in Christ's hands are depicted as being in the middle of the palm of the hand. A number of anatomists and medical experts have disputed this common assumption. The reason is that a nail through the middle of the palm of a man's hand would not be sufficient to hold most of the weight of a man on a cross. The nail would tear through the hand.

Yes, I want to follow Jesus. I am a follower of Jesus. I still have questions. It was among the most painful and excruciating form of punishment leading to death ever contrived by man for man women were never crucified. Contrary to popular notion the nails which held Jesus to the cross must have been driven into His wrists and not his palms. Jesus' nails would have been made of heavy, probably square, iron material, inches long. Many great painters from the past have depicted Jesus being nailed through His palms to the cross; it is a medical impossibility for this to be the case.

The wounds have been the focus of particular devotions, especially in the late Middle Ages , and have often been reflected in church music and art. While in the course of his Passion Jesus suffered various wounds, such as those from the crown of thorns and from the scourging at the pillar. Medieval popular piety focused upon the five wounds associated directly with Christ's crucifixion, i. The revival of religious life and the zealous activity of Bernard of Clairvaux and Francis of Assisi in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, together with the enthusiasm of the Crusaders returning from the Holy Land, gave a rise to devotion to the Passion of Jesus Christ. Many medieval prayers in honour of the Sacred Wounds, including some attributed to Clare of Assisi , [2] have been preserved. Mechtilde and St.


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