Meaning of the song my immortal

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meaning of the song my immortal

My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie

Enoby, a self-proclaimed goth and a vampire, falls in love with another vampire who goes by the name of Satan. However, their relationship is not all its cracked up to be...

The story follows Ebony Way as she forms a romantic attachment to Draco Malfoy (an elegant Goth in this story), in spite of her concern that he has had a relationship with Harry Vampire Potter and may still be interested in him. Voldemort, claiming to know of Ebonys relationship with Draco through telekinesis, commands her to kill Harry. Various people including Hagrid and someone called Snaketail confess that they love Ebony, while Snape and Remus are pedofiles who take pictures of her. Ebony begins to have precognitive visions, which are later verified. Prof. Sinister tells Ebony that if Voldemort had ever had people who loved him he would not have become evil, so Ebonys task is to go back in time and seduce him.

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Evanescence - My Immortal Lyrics (Origin)

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Tara Gilesbie

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It was released by Wind-up Records on December 8, as the third single from the album. The song was entirely written by guitarist Ben Moody, with the exception of the bridge, which was later written by lead singer Amy Lee, and it was produced by Dave Fortman. The version originally from Origin was later included on Fallen. The single version of the song was called "band version" because of the additional band performing the bridge and final chorus of the song. Moody was inspired to write it after the death of his grandfather. Lyrically, it talks about "a spirit staying with you after its death and haunting you until you actually wish that the spirit were gone because it won't leave you alone.

Play "My Immortal" on Amazon Music. Perhaps some people read a death theme into the lyrics because of the loss of Amy's sister, and mistakenly believing that Amy wrote it. However, feeling the presence of a loved one after death usually brings comfort, not a wish that they'd go away and leave you alone. Nor would death be a reason to resent having been alone "all along. Regardless as to what the original intent of an author is, quite often they will later read something they've written and realize that their subconscious has added multiple levels of meaning to their work.

"My Immortal" is a song by American rock band Evanescence from their debut studio album, In , the song was re-recorded for the band's demo album, Origin, which contains a rearranged piano melody and lyrics, including the bridge .
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What does My Immortal mean?

It was released by Wind-up Records on December 8, , as the third single from the album. - For the music video for this song, see: My Immortal music video.





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