The taiping heavenly kingdom tv series

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the taiping heavenly kingdom tv series

Gods Chinese Son: The Taiping Heavenly Kingdom of Hong Xiuquan by Jonathan D. Spence

Whether read for its powerful account of the largest uprising in human history, or for its foreshadowing of the terrible convulsions suffered by twentieth-century China, or for the narrative power of a great historian at his best, Gods Chinese Son must be read. At the center of this history of Chinas Taiping rebellion (1845-64) stands Hong Xiuquan, a failed student of Confucian doctrine who ascends to heaven in a dream and meets his heavenly family: God, Mary, and his older brother, Jesus. He returns to earth charged to eradicate the demon-devils, the alien Manchu rulers of China. His success carries him and his followers to the heavenly capital at Nanjing, where they rule a large part of south China for more than a decade. Their decline and fall, wrought by internal division and the unrelenting military pressures of the Manchus and the Western powers, carry them to a hell on earth. Twenty million Chinese are left dead.
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Stephen Platt on the Taiping Rebellion

The unsuccessful war it waged against the Qing is known as the Taiping Rebellion. Its capital was at Tianjing present-day Nanjing. A self-proclaimed convert to Christianity , Hong Xiuquan led an army that controlled a significant part of southern China during the middle of the 19th century, eventually expanding to a size of nearly 30 million people.
Jonathan D. Spence

Hong Xiuquan: The rebel who thought he was Jesus's brother

He wielded great influence at other times as well. At a young age, Yixin was noted for his brilliance and was once considered by his father the Daoguang Emperor as a potential heir. However, his older half-brother Yizhu inherited the throne as the Xianfeng Emperor. Following the death of the Xianfeng Emperor, Prince Gong launched the Xinyou Coup in with the aid of the Empress Dowagers Ci'an and Cixi and seized power from a group of eight regents appointed by the Xianfeng Emperor on his deathbed to assist his young son and successor, the Tongzhi Emperor. After the coup, he served as Prince-Regent from —65 and presided over the reforms implemented during the Tongzhi Restoration.

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The Taiping Rebellion was a revolt against the Qing dynasty in China, fought with religious conviction over regional economic conditions, and lasting from to The Taiping forces were run as a cult-like group called the God Worshipping Society by self-proclaimed prophet Hong Xiuquan, and resulted in the rebels seizing the city of Nanjing for a decade. The Taiping Rebellion eventually failed, however, and led to the deaths of more than 20 million people. Hong Xiuquan, born in in Guanlubu, Guangdong, had failed multiple civil service exams when, in , he returned home and went to bed, complaining of sickness. In a feverish state, Hong hallucinated a journey to a heavenly land to the east where his father revealed that demons were destroying humankind.

Later stages: [ citation needed ]. The Taiping Rebellion was a massive civil war in southern China from to , against the ruling Manchu -led Qing Dynasty. It was a millenarian movement led by Hong Xiuquan , who announced that he had received visions in which he learned that he was the younger brother of Jesus. At least 20 million people died, mainly civilians, in one of the deadliest military conflicts in history. Hong established the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom with its capital at Nanjing.

Largely unknown to Americans, as it took place before and during the U. Civil War, the far bloodier Taiping Rebel lion took the lives of perhaps as many as 30 million Chinese. The conflict had its roots in when a peasant named Hong Xiuquan traveled to Canton to take the civil service exams. The disturbed man appealed to fellow peasants to join his cult, overthrow the corrupt Qing dynasty and replace it with the Taiping Tianguo Heavenly Kingdom of Great Peace. The movement grew quickly, soon drawing a half-million fighting men and an equal number of camp followers.


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