All religions are the same

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all religions are the same

Quote by Ravi Zacharias: “All religions are not the same. All religions d...”

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Aren't all religions the same? And isn't Jesus just one of many prophets?

Don Stewart :: Don't All Religions Ultimately Teach the Same Thing?

Rabbis Without Borders is a dynamic forum for exploring contemporary issues in the Jewish world and beyond. Written by rabbis of different denominations, viewpoints, and parts of the country, Rabbis Without Borders is a project of Clal — The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership. Recently, a kind, Christian woman reached out to me. The Kingdom of God on earth. And the Messiah. A divine messenger who will establish the Kingdom. Of course, I responded kindly.

Ramakrishna, after experiencing each of the major religions, concluded that there existed an essential unity among them. All doctrines are only so many paths; but a path is by no means God Himself. The question, of course, is can this be right? This law states that opposite truth claims cannot both be true, and it remains instructive as we explore the argument that all religions are ultimately different paths to the same God. The reality is that every religion makes absolute truth claims about God. Islam holds that God is simply one. Hinduism acknowledges the existence of hundreds of deities, while Buddhism seems to be without a belief in God, at least a personal God.

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There is a famous story from India that is used by some to describe the relationship between different religions. The story describes a group of men who have all been blind since birth. They come upon an elephant standing still, and each man goes to a different part. NOW the reason that this story is told is to say that people who believe their faith is correct and other religions are wrong are themselves mistaken - - because all religions are like the blind men describing the elephant - - they have a piece of truth, but not the whole truth. So all religions are just describing the same God in different ways.


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    Are all religions worshiping the same God? Let's consider that. New Age Spirituality teaches that everyone should come to center on a cosmic consciousness.

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