Les lois de la prospérité

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les lois de la prospérité

Marie-Claude Rochon (translation of Les Lois dynamiques de la prospérité)

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Published 14.08.2019

L´argent et la Loi de L'attraction - Livre Audio - Esther et Jerry Hicks

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Fixer un prix aux combustibles fossiles peut constituer un bon outil, mais cela ne suffit pas. Il faut transformer les bases de toute la production. En fin de compte, il faut transformer les bases de toute la production. Si vous voulez changer le monde, il faut changer les lois. Mais nous devons aller plus loin. Tous les pays du monde se trouvent quelque part sur cette courbe de croissance. Ils voient des pays comme les Pays-Bas ou la Belgique qui vivent avec des revenus astronomiques.

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Loucas Ioannis. The most ancient literary work dealing with the universal theme of the Descent to the Nether World of the prosperity's goddess is the Sumerian Inanna and Dumuzi poem. After the Akkadians occupied the Sumerian cities, another version of this theme was current in Mesopotamia : the adventures in the Nether World of the goddess Ishtar and her lover Tammuz. To these two Mesopotamian myths respond in the Greek mythical context the adventures of Demeter and Kore, also known through two versions. The first one constitutes the theological axle of the Eleusinian mysteries and the second one occurs in the primitive religious beliefs of central Peloponnesus. A comparison between the two civilisation centers' myths points out the similitude of the prosperity's goddess' behaviour on the one hand in the Sumerian and the Peloponnesian one, and on the other, in the Akkadian and the Eleusinian one.

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