Reading audio books for the blind

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reading audio books for the blind

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Published 07.08.2019

Blindspot Hidden Biases of Good People Audiobook by Mahzarin R Banaji, Anthony G Greenwald

Teaching Students with Visual Impairments. Adaptations P.

Audiobooks and newspapers

Historically, people who are blind or visually impaired have relied on braille translations or taped audio versions of everything from best-selling novels to textbooks to magazines. As big supporters of braille literacy, we believe utilizing this format of reading is incredibly valuable to people who are blind or visually impaired. We are also big believers in utilizing assistive technology that makes everyday tasks more convenient for those in the community. There are many services available for people that make reading, in its many forms, possible. ABLE also offers a wide variety of high quality audio, digital and braille materials for anyone in need. On this website, one flat fee gets you access to as many audio books as you want.

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Those with AMD can continue reading with the help of improved lighting, large print books and reading magnifiers. But as one's macular degeneration progresses reading becomes more difficult. Another option for you is to listen to your books. Find a comfortable chair, put your feet up and listen to a new best seller or an old classic. Discount and free audiobooks are available from several sources.

While the resources discussed in special text collections will doubtless provide you with a lifetime of reading, it is also possible to obtain mainstream recorded and audio books. In this section we will describe several ways to obtain books that have been recorded for loan or purchase by all readers, regardless of vision status. Over 30 years ago, Books on Tape began producing recorded versions of best sellers and other books and making cassette versions available to the general public either through purchase or rental. Books on Tape no longer makes their titles available to the general public; they now focus on providing books to schools and libraries. These days nearly every bookstore and library features a special section devoted to recorded books. You can also rent and purchase recorded books online at sites such as Audio Editions and BooksFree. Most recordings are produced by the book publishers, and are read by actors or the author him- or herself.

Not many people realize that the earliest phonograph records were created specifically to provide spoken recordings for people who could not read because they were blind. Recorded music came later, but recording the written word for use by people with vision loss continues today. Audio books and a new generation of listening devices are helpful for readers with limited vision and are an increasingly popular reading option for sighted audiences as well. Almost any popular novel or nonfiction book, general interest and trade magazines, and newspapers are now available in a variety of accessible audio formats. Launched in and sponsored by the Library of Congress, the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped NLS is a national network of cooperating libraries that distribute recorded books to people with vision loss.


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