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books to read in italy


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What I use to learn Italian -- Books and apps

Italy: Recommended Books and Movies

Log in Register Your Wanderlust 0. You'll discover how much you've taken lemons for granted after reading this book. We can all recall cuisine that Italy is famous but citrus fruit might not be at the top of the list. Helena Attlee has written many books about Italy and in this one she explains with passion how the citrus trees and their fruit have played a radical part in Italy's political and social history. Buy it here: www. In her trademark style that you may be familiar with from her TLS blog 'A Don's Life', she revels how Rome grew into a global superpower and how its influence continues to be so important in culture, politics and how we see the world today. Made somewhat more famous by the two acclaimed films it inspired, the first in , starring Vittorio Gassman, and the second in , starring Al Pacino, Giovanni Arpino's novel about the journey shared between two soldiers has become a well-known tale.

Reading this —especially if you do so in one sitting—is a truly intense experience. The collection, which features works by Paul Morand and Henry James, includes five pocket-sized books with unique—and, at times, conflicting—perspectives on the city. Midnight in Sicily , a non-fiction work exploring the landscape, culture, and Mafia presence on the storied island, is a favorite of Books owners Paula Cooper and Jack Macrae. This collection by renowned Italian writer Italo Calvino contains folktales in its pages. Stick to My Back! Will be used in accordance with our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Books Set In Italy

I like non-fiction these days but would like to hear from the fiction folk too. What say you? Sorry but I read all my books set in Italy before I go. Okay, in case I find some time to read, did you enjoy any of the books you read before you went to Italy? For some reason I seem to have a preponderance of books about Venice , Days in Venice Marlena di Blasi and the various sequels, her story of meeting and marrying a Venetian. But the book that gave me the most insight into the Italian culture and thinking was Vanilla Beans and Brodo by Isabella Dusi, an Australian who goes to live in Montalcino and her tentative steps towards understanding the people around her and her very respectful recording of the village life.


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    The best books set in Italy: be inspired by the romance and scenery of this diverse Mediterranean country.

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