Before you quit remember why you started quote

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before you quit remember why you started quote

Quote by Hunter X Hunter: “Before you give up, remember why you started.”

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Published 22.07.2019

When You Feel Like Quitting: Remember Why You Started! - Motivational Speech

Best Inspirational Quotes On Life, Change and Success

Achieving your dreams is no small task. The key to keep going is to find some motivation, and here is where inspirational quotes come in. They change the way you feel about yourself, give you the strength to keep pushing on and allow you to remain focused on your goals. To provide you with that dose of motivation, we have collected for you a list of 97 interesting quotes that will inspire you to achieve success in life and business. The billionaire founder of the Virgin Group reminds us that everything starts with a dream. Without a vision of where you want to be in life, you will never get there.

We get tired, discouraged, and exasperated with the state of the world, and we feel like tapping out. While giving up can seem tempting after going through one bad ordeal after another, you should always try to look on the bright side and pick yourself back up again. When that seems like the toughest thing in the world to do, turn to the following quotes for inspiration. The older I get, the more I realize no one has any idea what they are doing and everyone is just pretending. We simply have to make the best decisions for ourselves in the moment, and not get too caught up in the details. The more you learn to go with the flow, the happier you will feel.

When you think about quitting, think about why you started in the first place. I think this is one quote which I can relate to quite strongly, especially whenever I think of all those goals which took quite an effort to come true. If we look back at all of those big things we have achieved so far in life, I am sure there is this one thought that would have crossed our minds — about quitting the whole process. I have had it during my study days when I felt the subjects were too tough, or the days when my job felt very annoying and the days when I wondered if my entrepreneurial effort was going to succeed or not. And I think nothing could be truer than that.

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We only have one life and at times life can seem short. A life dedicated to service and growth does not escape pain and tragedy., I put on some sweatpants I bought around this time last year and I remember they were super tight and I ended up not really wearing them because they were so uncomfortable. This time they are loose and fit perfect now because I like my sweats a little baggy.

Following through on tasks that are considered to be extra or new can be difficult for some of us to complete. Being inspired is what helped create some of the best songs, books, holiday ornaments, recipes and more. It is finding that inspiration that may keep us from our potential! But we have you covered with motivational quotes about life to inspire you to see your goals through and even create new ones. Whenever starting something new, it will take it a while before it becomes part of your daily routine.

Inspirational Words of Wisdom. Sometimes in life it seems easier to just quit; but be inspired not to give up. I do not necessarily attach success to the result of getting something, but to the willingness to do whatever it takes to follow your dream, to the willingness to not give up on yourself. Never give up and sit down and grieve. Find another way. Satchel Paige Words of Encouragement With success comes many ups and downs, many obstacles of defeat, including a few failures, but never stop trying. The mind gives up easily.

Our latest collection of morning quotes to help you start the day with excitement and gratitude. The power of positive thinking and positive self-talk is profound. The things we think of early in our day are most often what sets the tone for the entire day. Therefore, it is so important that we have available to us — whether it be in mind, on paper, taped to our mirrors, or in our planners — some of our favorite quotes and thoughts. This helps provide a quick reference and touchstone for us.


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    Quote by Hunter X Hunter: “Before you give up, remember why you started.”

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