Another mans trash is another mans treasure quotes

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another mans trash is another mans treasure quotes

Quote by Seanan McGuire: “One mans trash is another mans treasure is a ...”

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Published 17.07.2019

One Mans Garbage Is Another Man Persons Good Ungarbage

Meet the People Who Steal Garbage

The meaning is not literal but, typically, a commentary on how there is no judging for taste — what one person may think is worthless may be cherished by another. But in the case of one particular type of refuse, the literal meaning of the phrase rings true — to the point of fueling organized crime in parts of the United States. That product? Old cardboard boxes. While some people are trying to throw them out, others are stealing them before the waste haulers come by. Cardboard boxes are recyclable.

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If you are like me, you have probably said this statement a few times in your lifetime. We are voracious consumers, buying, accumulating, buying, throwing out, and buying some more because we just threw some stuff out and we have space for more stuff. The next time you look at something you may think is trash, stop, pause, and ask yourself if someone else could use this. It may be an old couch that has seen a better day, or a sweater that went out of style a few years back, or a lawnmower that can use some fixing up. I am asking for a favor as in this economy, there are those who cannot afford furniture, need to stay warm, and those who like to fix things.

One man's trash is another man's treasure.

S o I recently won a short story contest on Words and Brushes. Yay for me! But seriously -- I'm happy, it's nice to be validated, to be told something you've created stood out amidst things other people have created. But here's the weird thing that I keep coming up against: that same story could be read by someone else and their reaction could be, "Meh, it's okay. And yet I know they are good writers. I've seen New York Times best sellers that have made me go, "Really?! So what does that mean?

Anong bagay na maaring walang kwenta o gamit sa isang tao ay may gamit naman nakikita ang ibang tao sa parehas na bagay. Katy Perry - Double Rainbow It was striking, you couldn't deny it. They say one man's trash is another man's treasure The two of us together, make everything glitter. Tyler Glenn - Trash Okay, whatever One man's trash is another man's treasure One man's trash is another man's treasure. Jess Glynne - Home Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a dream Things happen that are out of my control So I walk alone constantly thinking thinking thinking to myself but my voice I cannot hear Where's there to go. Become a translator Request new lyrics translation.

Its basic meaning is that something which seems worthless to one person is often deemed valuable by another. Supreme Court Justice John M. Post them on the Famous Quotations Facebook page. Related reading: books about proverbial sayings and idioms Any duplicative or remixed use of the original text written for this blog and any exact duplications the specific sets of quotations collected for the posts shown here must include an attribution to QuoteCounterquote. To the best of our knowledge, the non-original content posted here is used in a way that is allowed under the fair use doctrine.


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