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atlantic beach pie new york times

Watermelon (Walsh Family, #1) by Marian Keyes

Claire has everything she ever wanted: a husband she adores, a great apartment, a good job. Then, on the day she gives birth to their first baby, James informs her that hes leaving her. Claire is left with a newborn daughter, a broken heart, and a postpartum body that she can hardly bear to look at.

She decides to go home to Dublin. And there, sheltered by the love of a quirky family, she gets better. So much so, in fact, that when James slithers back into her life, hes in for a bit of a surprise.
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In the back of my mind, I thought that maybe this rule was just a way to trick me into eating fewer sweets. There was one exception, though: lemon pie. If you asked why, you were told something about lemon and fish. After some research — a phone call here, an old church cookbook there — and some experimentation, I developed my version of the Atlantic Beach Lemon Pie. The original had meringue, but I opted for whipped cream sprinkled with coarse sea salt. I crumbled saltine crackers for the crust. My recipe requires half a cup of lemon or lime juice, or a mix of both, and condensed milk.

Great idea. Hi Mae, this pie is terrific!
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The summery lemon pie filling is usually made with a mixture of fresh lemon and lime juices. However, if you prefer it can be made with just all lemon or all lime juice as well., He had just put it in the menu, not even as a permanent offering, I think.

Who knew a pie could be beachy? The crust, made from saltine crackers, is buttery, sandy and, of course, salty. The citrus filling is bright and sunny, and has enough acid to cut through the cool froth of fresh whipped cream on top. It takes under an hour to make, and requires little more prep than crushing a sleeve of Saltines, which is a wonderfully satisfying task. But with the addition of just one more ingredient, this pie becomes somehow even easier-going than it already is. When I wanted to bring an Atlantic Beach Pie to a recent barbecue and had to make it several hours in advance, I fretted at the thought of fresh whipped cream drooping and weeping while we lolled through the evening. So, on the advice of Quartz culture editor Indrani Sen, I plopped a dollop of cream cheese into the cream before I whipped it—about two ounces of cream cheese per cup of whipping cream—and brought it in a separate bowl.

It was, and still is, a no-frills sort of beach town where no-fuss seafood restaurants served heaping baskets of fried seafood, hush puppies and coleslaw. Menus varied slightly, but no matter which restaurant Mr. Smith and his family went to, lemon pie — creamy and custardy, with a salty cracker crust and meringue topping — was always on the menu. Local folklore demanded it. Smith said.


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