Jon elia 2 line poetry

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jon elia 2 line poetry

Shayad / شاید by Jaun Elia

The best part of the book are its Qataas. Some ghazals are good, however, for me digesting Nazm in this book were a difficult task.

Again off=putting part of Jaun Elias work for me is futile effort to look different by attacking religion or some religious thoughts. Take an example of these lines:

Haasil e Kun hai, ye jahan e kharab
Yehi mumkin tha itn ujlat main

Phir banaya khuda ne Aadam ko
Apni Soorat pe, aisi soorat main

Phir aadmi ne ghor kia
Chhipkali ki lateef sanat main

Ae khuda (jo kahin nahin maujood)
Kia likha hai hamari qismat main

Seriously? It might have been cool to say things like that in 1992, when this book was published or in 1970s and 1980s , when these lines were perceived, as in those times such thoughts may have been symbol of so called rebellion or self-imposed bravery by our authors. However, living in 2018, we have seen such rubbish being uttered by every tom, dick and harry on social media, be it bloggers like Bhensa or some wanna be pages, whose rozi rizq come from religion bashing, these thoughts now feel like some expired material. Bashing of religion, religious thought or religious people is a new religion itself now.

I think a good poetry or work of art must have a quality to be relevant in future and Nazms written by Jaun Elia might be inspirational for religion bashing, but with passage of time, when people will learn tolerating differing opinions and ideologies followed by others, such work will have no relevance. I think I wont give further try to poetry of Jaun Elia after this experience.
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Jaun Elia Top 2 Lines Poetry 2019 Part 2 - Heart Broken Urdu Sad Poetry - Zaini Writes

Jaun Elia Poetry

Jaun Elia. One of the most popular modern shaayar of Pakistan. Jaun Elia Shayari has become popular a lot in the last few years. The number of fans of Jaun Elia poetry is increasing as well. Jaun Elia poetry is sad and alone. Many people consider that Shayari of Jaun Elia is influenced by Sufism spiritual thoughts. Jaun Elia Shayari touches many hearts and souls.

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