Chile earthquake 1960 survival story

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chile earthquake 1960 survival story

My Appetite for Destruction: Sex, and Drugs, and Guns N Roses by Steven Adler

From the first chapter I hated this man. He is completely self-centered, nothing is ever his fault, every woman that has ever existed apparently is in love with him and he has no remorse whatsoever. This book is a glorification of drugs. It is obvious he is going to relapse as he quite evidently loves being off his face more than virtually everything else on the planet. I think the only thing he loves more than being high is himself.

It was quite evident to me that this book was written by two people. The first being Adler and the second was someone trying so hard to add a humanity to the waste of space.

I feel so sorry for everybody that has come into contact with this person and he played drums on the albums that were my childhood. G N R were like gods to me as I was growing up. I wish I had never read this book as I have realised what an a**ehole he was and still is.
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Scary Earthquake Footage Compilation From Around The World

This report contains true stories that illustrate how to survive-and how not to survive-a tsunami. The Tsunami and the Earthquake in Chile That Caused It.
Steven Adler

Chile quake survivor tells of chaos in Concepcion

British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Ricardo Leon returns to Concepcion to find not only camaraderie among neighbours, but also criminal elements in their midst. Here is his latest account. Read Ricardo's story when the earthquake struck. Looting has being reduced, but there are still some places attacked as soon as the army turns its back. Neighbours have got together to form groups to patrol each other's houses during the night; some of them carrying guns or using knives or poles as weapons. In every corner there is a barricade and fires are set by the neighbours to warn the thieves not to trespass.

Chile earthquake of , the largest earthquake recorded in the 20th century. Originating off the coast of southern Chile on May 22, , the temblor caused substantial damage and loss of life both in that country and—as a result of the tsunamis that it generated—in distant Pacific coastal areas. The cities of Puerto Montt and Valdivia experienced extensive damage. Several coastal towns were inundated by a metre foot tsunami. The combined effects of the disaster left two million people homeless. Though the death toll in Chile was never fully resolved, early estimates of deaths worldwide, ranging into the thousands, were scaled back to 1,

Skip to content. Chileans slowly are becoming aware of the breadth of the disaster, which President Michelle Bachelet called "a catastrophe of devastating consequences. The earthquake was felt across the region to varying degrees. In the southern Chilean city of Valdivia, which nearly 50 years ago, on May 22, , was the site of an earthquake measuring a devastating 9. Monica Paredes, 31, who runs boat tours with her father along the Cruces River, which winds through this coastal city located about miles south of the epicenter of the earthquake, said her home rocked back and forth progressively stronger for several minutes, sending her television and furniture flying across the house. Her stepfather, Armando Peralta, 73, a survivor of the earthquake, immediately recognized the magnitude of this earthquake and sought to keep them calm. They were sure it was going to collapse.

I was at my friend's apartment on the third floor of an eight-storey building in Las Condos when, at around 3. The whole building began swaying, the furniture was shaking violently and things were thrown off the shelves.
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As an expat, you might happen to be assigned to a country in a sismic zone. The constant state of alert and preparation, both practical and psychological, to a possible earthquake can be hard to face, but experiencing an earthquake of intense magnitude is something one never forgets. On 27th February Chile was hit by a strong earthquake that killed hundreds of people and left many others homeless. Lorenzo Moscia , an Italian expatriate who lives in Chile and that we had the pleasure to interview a while ago, travelled to the areas hit by the earthquake and sends us these incredibly intense pictures. They are accompanied by a text of Chilean journalist Marcelo Simonetti, that collected oral stories of victims of the earthquake.




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    In the city of Valdivia, Chile, was the site of the most powerful earthquake in recorded history

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