Law of attraction 30 day challenge

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law of attraction 30 day challenge

Law of Attraction for Abundance JOURNAL: 30-Day LOA, Gratitude & Self-Love Challenge to Manifest Faster by Elena G. Rivers

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Published 11.07.2019

Take the Law of Attraction 30 Day Challenge to Manifest More of What You Want! (Formula for Success)

The idea is to basically "unplug" from all the negative draws on your attention and energy, and use your time and attention to magnify a focus on what is good, and right, peaceful, loving, and fun NOW. Doing these steps puts you in touch with an Inner knowing of the truth of who you really are -- the precious, beautiful, magnificent, creative, loving, spectacular, glorious being you REALLY are.
Elena G. Rivers

Law of Attraction: 30 Day Challenge

Do you want to rid your life of anxiety, manifest your dream list and celebrate positivity all around you? You can use this approach with any goal, whether small or completely life-changing. Its purpose is to give you sharpened focus and enhance your ability to manifest whatever you want. Keep reading to discover your free printable sheet and guide to the day challenge as well as detailed explanations of the particular exercises and techniques to use each day. You can use the below day challenge template for inspiration!


Law of attraction has been growing more in popularity with more people being successful. This 30 day challenge is to make even more people successful with the law of attraction! If you're not yet familiar with the law of attraction, it is a tried and true practice of "manifesting" absolutely anything into your life that you want. This could be more money, any material item, cars, your dream house, new relationships, better relationships, more luck, better interactions with people, or anything else that you can think of! Have you had success with the law of attraction? Click below to share your success story or read, comment and vote on success stories other visitors have already shared! Law of Attraction Success Stories.

From time to time is good to set ourselves some challenges in life. It gets our juices going and motivates us to achieve more. Today I was listening to an audio about the law of attraction from one of my mentors, and I realized that I have been a bit slack with regards to my daily routine of law of attraction. I write morning pages every day, but I have not been doing meditations and visualizations every day, or even affirmations. So I decided that now we almost at the end of the year and the beginning of a new year, and what better time than setting us a challenge. Today I was listening to my mentor and she said that to get the law of attraction working for you, you need to do some things:. You need to make a decision of what you want to manifest.

It was only when I came up with a system that I began to actually attract the means and resources to bring my desires into reality. In order to kick start the attraction process, we first need to penetrate into the subconscious mind, which is where the process starts. The subconscious mind does, however, rely on the conscious mind for the input necessary to control our habits, behavior and the attraction process. The conscious mind then, is in effect, the gatekeeper to the great library within our subconscious mind and only opens the gate to those thoughts that are deemed worthy of entry. How is a thought deemed worthy of entry?


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