Superman in islam book in urdu pdf

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superman in islam book in urdu pdf

Superman in Islam by Various

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Superman in Islam by Abdul Kareem Mushtaq

The book was published by the Research Center at Strasburg, France. This was the result of research work performed by 25 scholars from Europe, United States of America except 2 scholars. The book was originally compiled in French, but subsequently was translated in other languages including Persian and Urdu. It has 55 chapters covering various scientific, astronomical, religious, and social aspects. The book was written with a pure scientific background without any regard to religious affiliations as majority of scholars are non-Muslims. The scholars have called Imam Jaffer al-Sadiq, the superman of Islam.

I need this did any one have pl post on this page. Will there be more volume of Bihar ul Anwar in future. All praise is due to Allah swt alone. Glad to hear that you have benefited from the article and blog. May Allah swt guide you. Ya Ali AS Madad. Great and V V useful work done.

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Ek word bhi likha hai tumne Imam a. Feel free to write anything :D. Book: Superbrain of Islam - Authentic or Not? The book is famous by the names 'Super Brain of Islam' and 'Superman in Islam' and is claimed to be a work of several Western Professors and Scholars teaching in various universities of the world. Dear Sir,. Sincerely yours,. Eighteen communications had been presented, Seventeen could be collected only lack that of Mr.


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