Power and love conference london

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power and love conference london

Power and Love: A Theory and Practice of Social Change by Adam Kahane

War is no way to resolve our most problematic group, community, and societal issues, but neither is a peace that simply sweeps our problems under the rug.
To create lasting change we have to learn to work fluidly with two distinct, fundamental drives that are in tension: power—the single-minded desire to achieve one’s solitary purpose; and love—the drive towards unity.  They are seemingly contradictory but in fact complimentary. As Martin Luther King put it, “Power without love is reckless and abusive, and love without power is sentimental and anemic.” Using revealing stories from complex situations he has been involved in all over the world—the Middle East, South Africa, Europe, India, Guatemala, the Philippines, Australia, Canada and the United States—Kahane reveals how to dynamically balance these two forces. Just as when we are toddlers we learn to shift from one foot to the other to move ourselves forward, so we can learn to shift back and forth between power and love in order to move society forward.
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Published 25.05.2019

Celine Dion - The Power of Love + I Drove All Night - London (DVD Recording 29/07/2017)

Power of Love® Gala 2019

No matter what you are faced with, from physical issues, such as feeling tired, stressed, or exhausted, to emotional and psychological issues, such as healing from grief or loss, dealing with depression, anxiety and fear, or relationship problems, this retreat will address your needs. This deeply healing, personal growth retreat integrates the latest research and understandings in scientific and spiritual development. It is for people who long for deeper meaning and more honesty with themselves and others, who are tired of being enslaved by their fear and resignation, and have come to realize that if they want to change the world they have to start with themselves. You will face and shift core issues, discover your inner richness, and find an increased self-worth and passion for life. This results in an increased capacity to live in honesty and dignity, with an underlying sense of peace. The process of inner transformation is both spiritual and psychological.

Parking: There is limited car parking available at the venue.
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Real Connection and Conscious Relating

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Shocking because of the very loving but professional way it led me to explore deep and hidden aspects about my sexuality and sensuality, both male and female sides, with which I rarely make contact. As a trio they blend decades of consulting, CEO and scholarly experience. This then combines with a simplistic understanding of power as unilateral and coercive to produce difficulty, when women and men work together. Today the patterns our biology has laid down in evolution, which are playing out in the radically new contexts of women and men working closely together, demand that we get more conscious about eros and power interweaving. Our organizations often take a policeman mentality, but eros seems to love to plunder boundaries.


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