How to listen to people

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how to listen to people

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AKA how to make everyone in your life feel a little more special. Are you listening? You know how it's really unsettling when you share something with someone and you can't tell if they're even paying attention?

10 Steps To Effective Listening

For more than a decade, communications executive Stephine Poston has been advising clients on how to break through the noise of the news cycle and get their messages heard. The good news? Poston has learned that getting through to others is often more about how you express your thoughts than how loudly. Be it an organization championing a campaign, or an individual pitching an idea in a meeting, here are five effective communication strategies Poston recommends using to get your voice heard. Failing to show up is one of the easiest ways to perpetuate the feeling of being ignored, says Poston. That means getting relevant meetings on your calendar and preparing beforehand. Assume that your audience is busy, your window to get through to them is narrow, and then make it your homework to optimize their time, she says.

Courtesy of Virgin Unite To be a successful leader, you need to be able to listen to your team, hearing what they say, what they don't say, and what they really mean. You can always tell when someone's not giving you their complete attention," Lipkin says. I mean, our brain can only tolerate so much information before it snaps. In her book, Lipkin writes about a few exercises that leaders should use to test their ability to suspend judgment and really hear what the other person is saying. Stop interrupting.

Recently the top executives of a major manufacturing plant in the Chicago area were asked to survey the role that listening plays in their work. Later, an executive seminar on listening was held. But […]. Here are three typical comments made by participants:. These comments reflect part of an awakening that is taking place in a number of management circles. Business is tied together by its systems of communication. This communication, businessmen are discovering, depends more on the spoken word than it does on the written word; and the effectiveness of the spoken word hinges not so much on how people talk as on how they listen.

1. Be audience-centered

In today's high-tech, high-speed, high-stress world, communication is more important then ever, yet we seem to devote less and less time to really listening to one another. Genuine listening has become a rare gift—the gift of time. It helps build relationships, solve problems, ensure understanding, resolve conflicts, and improve accuracy. At work, effective listening means fewer errors and less wasted time. At home, it helps develop resourceful, self-reliant kids who can solve their own problems.

Show less Do you want to master the art of listening? If you tend to zone out when someone's talking, or you notice that people don't often choose you as a confidant, it's time to start practicing this skill. Taking an active, engaged approach to listening will improve your relationships and enrich your experience of the world. If you want to learn how to listen with undivided attention and respond in a way that keeps people talking, keep reading.


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