How did bill russell change the world

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how did bill russell change the world

Second Wind by Bill Russell

I grew up a Celtics fan in the 1980s because my dad went to law school in Boston in the early 1960s. It was cheaper for he and his friends to go watch the Celtics play than most other things they could do, so frequently they did, winning a championship every year he was there in large part because Bill Russell was there too. As Russell was considered the leader of those Celtics, he has always occupied a spot in in sports imagination. Of all the athletes Ive never seen play, Russell is the one I would most like to see play in his prime. (Between college and pro, he played for 17 seasons, winning a championship in 13! His last three seasons with the Celtics he was player-coach!!)

So I was thrilled to track down a copy of his memoir co-written with Taylor Branch, Pulitzer Prize winning biographer of MLK, Jr. It was a mixed success. The opening chapter about his family and upbringing in Louisiana was great, as were the other accounts of his youth in Oakland, his mothers passing, and figuring out how to really play basketball after graduating high school. He doesnt talk about basketball much, but I loved hearing about his relationships with the other Celtics, particularly K.C. Jones and Sam Jones. The story about his grandfather breaking down in tears when visiting the Celtics locker room and realized the white and black players showered together, were genuinely friends, and all had to do what William told them to was my favorite moment. The latter chapters on women and post basketball life dropped this from a four star book to a three. The chapter on women made me uncomfortable and the post playing days portion conveyed the sense of drift most professional athletes of his caliber must experience; necessary for his life story but it did not make for the most interesting reading.

All and all, Im glad to have read it, and I appreciate Russells gifts on the court and as an deeply independent and opinionated man.
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Bill Russell ON Wilt Chamberlain and their RIVALRY

Russell and Henri Richard of the National Hockey League are tied for the record of the most championships won by an athlete in a North American sports league.
Bill Russell

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To print the story please do so via the link in the story toolbar. Basketball legend Bill Russell was a leader not only in the sports arena, but was also an advocate for justice and equality. Russell's parents strongly enforced the refusal of discrimination and told their children to work their hardest and excel no matter what. In high school, his team won three state championships, however Russell only received one scholarship due to the unorthodox way he played above. The crowds on the road, and even at home in San Francisco sometimes, were very vocally hostile toward Russell and his teammates due to the color of his skin. Russell and the other black players were denied hotel services in Oklahoma City during the All-College tournament, so they ended up rooming with white team members in a college dormitory.

See comments. Every obstacle that you encounter, all it does is present another opportunity. Bill Russell led the Boston Celtics to eleven NBA championships in thirteen years, an insane run between and He was voted Most Valuable Player in the league five times. He was the first African American coach in the NBA and the first in professional sports of any kind, at least in modern times.

William Felton Russell (born February 12, ) is an American former professional basketball . Over the years, several rule changes have gone into effect to counter the dominant play of big men. Like fellow world-class high- jumpers of that era, Russell did not use the Fosbury Flop high-jump technique with which all.
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Bill Russell is considered the greatest winner of all-time in many sports circles. He received the Medal of Freedom, national acclaim, and much credit for his important contributions to the Civil Rights movement. As a child, Russell encountered rampant poverty and racism; but learned valuable lessons that he would carry with him the rest of his life. He loves to tell a story from his childhood that shaped his thinking. He recounts being hit in the face by a boy running past with a group of his friends and then went crying to his mother. In response, his mom took him all throughout the neighborhood looking for the group of boys.


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    Given that, few players have had an impact on the game like Bill Russell, from his first After World War II began and word got out that there were jobs available in the shipyards of Russell and his mother had been very close and her death changed him. He did that in a way that has never been matched in pro sports.

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