How to be a better muslim teenager

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how to be a better muslim teenager

The American Muslim Teenagers Handbook by Dilara Hafiz

The American Muslim Teenagers Handbook is a pocket-sized but fact-filled, concise but insightful guide to the essentials of Muslim beliefs, presented in a fun and accessible format that appeals to a young adult audience. At the same time, anyone interested in Islam will find this a great source for learning about the basics of the religion and culture. The Handbook eases the complicated process of incorporating Muslim culture and beleifs into the lifestyle of a typical American teenager, expressing the heartful belief that one can successfully fill the role of an American Muslim through better education and greater understanding.
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What does it mean to be Muslim? There are 1.7 billion answers.

3. Be grateful to your parents. Teenagers usually try to avoid their parents. They don't want their parents interfering in their lives. But no guidance is better in this.
Dilara Hafiz

How to Become a Good Muslim Teenage Girl – 24 Easy Tips!

There are a lot of aspects in becoming a good Muslim teenage girl. Being good is reflected in a lot of things that you do in your daily activities. They show how much you are obeying Allah. Being a good Muslim girl will help you grow up into a sholeha woman. So what are the things that you can do to be considered good? These are some of the ways that will help shape your character.

As a new Muslim, you will have trouble keeping up with prayers every day, fasting during Ramadan, and the many other practices in this religion. The struggle that we face, with such a radical change in lifestyle, is difficult and will take some time. If you have problems with certain practices, then gradually work yourself into the mindset of worship. Just One bite at a time. Pray to Allah swt and ask for Him to make it easy for you and the rest will come naturally. Keeping up with your devotional practices is something that will strengthen your faith immensely. You will start to feel a connection to Allah swt and you will become used to Islam as a religion and way of life.

Being truthful is the most difficult thing for teenagers in this competitive society. If you make a mistake, you might try to conceal the truth from your parents. The Quran says it clearly:.
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Jump to navigation. What does it take for parents to get a teen to become a practicing Muslim? Sound Vision has talked to parents, Imams, activists and Muslims who have grown up in the West to ask what are some practical things parents can do to help Muslim teens maintain their Deen. These are some of their suggestions:. This means both parents must understand their children are a trust from Allah, and He will ask how they were raised.


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