How to start writing a story on wattpad

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how to start writing a story on wattpad

The Writers Guide to Wattpad: The Comprehensive Guide to Building and Sustaining a Successful Career by Benjamin Sobieck

Engage with the Next Generation of Writers!

Wattpad is an online storytelling community where users can post their writing, such as articles, stories, novels, fan fiction, and poems. This platform offers writers the chance to connect directly with readers, fans, and story enthusiasts. With the ability to release stories and chapters one at a time, authors can receive continual encouragement and real-time feedback on their work.

The Wattpad staff supports successful writers through their Stars program, which provides them opportunities to work with successful brands, publish to print, connect to film and television industries, and more. The potential of Wattpad for writers is limitless, and, for the first-time ever, the staff, writers, and stars of Wattpad have created the guide to help you launch and sustain a successful writing career through this platform.

In The Writers Guide to Wattpad, youll learn how to:
Get started using Wattpad, prepare your writing to be published, and develop a unique cover design.
Interact with readers, use multimedia to enhance and tell stories, and leverage social media to create a stronger platform.
Attract the attention of an agent or publisher and sell copies of your work elsewhere.
Tap into the brand of Wattpad to understand their Stars Program, brand campaigns, and what success looks like.
Written to be accessible to beginners and veterans alike, The Writers Guide to Wattpad is your essential companion to navigating the Wattpad platform and brand, and leveraging your writing to millions of users worldwide.
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Wattpad is home to many aspiring authors, all of them bustling to gain some kind of recognition, make a name for themselves and stand out amongst the millions of others trying to do the exact same. For writers…not so much. Until around two months ago, I used to house all of my fiction work on Wattpad in hopes of field testing my stories, seeing if others liked them, etc. I did a lot of research, experimenting, and asking around as to how best establish my presence on the platform, and found but a handful of long, laborious ways. At that time, I was writing on Medium and my blog too. And had about fifty other things to take care of.

At 14, Katarina Tonks thought she was going crazy. A teenager with an overactive imagination in a small New Jersey town, Tonks wondered if it was normal to have so many stories in her head. So she talked to her psychologist mother, who recommended she take up writing. A quick internet search led her to Wattpad, an online social platform where anyone can write and share stories. It turned into my outlet. Based on the response of fans — plus the input of a professional editor — Tonks rewrote the series, whose books in their original and updated forms have racked up nearly 62 million accumulated reads on Wattpad.

About Ben Sobieck

Image: Matthew Loffhagen. Wattpad has carved a very comfortable resting place for itself in the online reading market. With Wattpad has been referred to as the Youtube of writing because of the way it enables authors to share their work with the world. This has to be my favorite description of the social media platform as it really captures the interactive nature of the site. Authors can upload either the completed or working version of their books for readers to read. It is not possible to upload a book as one single file, it has to be done on a chapter-by-chapter basis.


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