How many are there in a legion

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how many are there in a legion

Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds by Brandon Sanderson

A story in three life-shattering acts.

Includes the never-before-published Legion: Lies of the Beholder.

Stephen Leeds is perfectly sane. It’s his hallucinations who are mad.

A genius of unrivaled aptitude, Stephen can learn any new skill, vocation, or art in a matter of hours. However, to contain all of this, his mind creates hallucinatory people—Stephen calls them aspects—to hold and manifest the information. Wherever he goes, he is joined by a team of imaginary experts to give advice, interpretation, and explanation. He uses them to solve problems. . .for a price.

His brain is getting a little crowded and the aspects have a tendency of taking on lives of their own. When a company hires him to recover stolen property—a camera that can allegedly take pictures of the past—Stephen finds himself in an adventure crossing oceans and fighting terrorists. What he discovers may upend the foundation of three major world religions—and, perhaps, give him a vital clue into the true nature of his aspects.

Legion: The Many Lives of Stephen Leeds includes the novellas Legion and Legion: Skin Deep, published together for the first time, as well as a brand-new, shocking finale to Stephen Leeds story, Lies of the Beholder.
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The Varied Size of the Roman Legions

This is a list of Roman legions , including key facts about each legion, primarily focusing on the Principate early Empire, 27 BC — AD legions, for which there exists substantial literary, epigraphic and archaeological evidence. Augustus and his immediate successors transformed legions into permanent units, staffed by entirely career soldiers on standard year terms. During the Dominate period near the end of the Empire, — , legions were also professional, but are little understood due to scarcity of evidence compared to the Principate. What is clear is that late legions were radically different in size, structure, and tactical role from their predecessors, despite several retaining early period names. This was the result of the military reforms of Emperors Diocletian and Constantine I , and of further developments during the 4th century. The legions were identified by Roman numerals , though the spelling sometimes differed from the modern "standard".

Roman legions varied over time not only in size but in number. In an article estimating population size in ancient Rome, Lorne H. Ward comments that in the early, close-to-annual border skirmishes, only the number of men in half a conventional legion might be deployed. The Roman armies exercitus were composed mainly of Roman legions from the time of the legendary reforms of King Servius Tullius [also see Mommsen], according to ancient historians Cary and Scullard. The name for the legions comes from the word for the levy legio from a Latin verb for 'to choose' [ legere ] that was made on the basis of wealth, in the new tribes Tullius is also supposed to have created. Each legion was to have 60 centuries of infantry. A century is literally elsewhere, you see a century in the context of years , so the legion would have originally had infantrymen.

AMP - 53 Do you suppose that I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will immediately provide Me with more than twelve legions [more than 80,] of angels? Community answers are sorted based on votes. The higher the vote, the further up an answer is. A good answer provides new insight and perspective. Here are guidelines to help facilitate a meaningful learning experience for everyone. Follow Question. How many angels are equals to "one legion?

A Roman legion Latin romanum legio from legio "military levy, conscription ", from legere "to choose" was a large military unit of the Roman army. In the early Roman Kingdom "legion" may have meant the entire Roman army but sources on this period are few and unreliable. During much of the republican era , a legion was divided into three lines of ten maniples.
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A full strength legion was officially made up of 6, men, but typically all legions were organized at under strength and generally consisted of approximately 5, fighting men including officers. It is difficult to determine whether non-combatants like field surgeons and clerks were included in the 5, or helped bring the total number of men up to the official 6, In this page, we look at the overall fighting strength of a Roman Imperial legion, how it was organized, and the many different ranks of those within it. Additionally each Legion had a man Alae cavalry unit called the Eques Legionis permanently attached to it possibly to be used as scouts and messengers. The First Cohort totaling men 5 double-strength centuries with men each 9 Cohorts with 6 centuries at 80 men each for a total 4,, and an additional man cavalry for a grand total of 5, men not including all the officers. The basic designation of the 10 cohorts was the same throughout all the Legions.


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    Legion , a military organization, originally the largest permanent organization in the armies of ancient Rome.

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    The reference to a legion is principally relegated to a Roman legion which was a large division of soldiers in the ancient Roman army.

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