How to stop judging others

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how to stop judging others

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Published 25.04.2019

Is It Possible To Stop Judging Others? - Russell Brand & Jon Ronson

How to Stop Judging Others (and Feel Better About Yourself)

In our previous article we discussed what judging others is all about. How successful do you think you would be? When it goes off, take a moment to look back over the previous hour. Write down any and all judgemental thoughts you have had. Do this for at least three days.

Well, here are a few:. I see a relative who is actively harming her health, who is overweight and diabetic and yet smokes and eats junk food all the time and does other bad things. I know she can make her health better by changing her habits. And in fact, I do the same kinds of things all the time — I fail. I feel bad.

In a second, we can see an image and believe we have all we need to form a fully realized opinion.
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Learning to see judging other people as a bad thing is among the best changes you can make to feel happier. This is because we all judge others despite our best efforts. It might be for trivial things like a co-worker taking extended lunch breaks or bigger issues such as a person who routinely hurts others or behaves selfishly. People with critical or judgmental mindsets are known to have strained work and personal relationships, but changing this can be harder than you think. It takes time and practice to be less critical and judgmental, but there are many ways you can change your outlook. Being aware that you are doing it is the most important step if you are looking to stop passing judgment on others.


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