Where to find a good christian woman

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where to find a good christian woman

Christian Woman Quotes (6 quotes)

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Where Are The Good Christian Men?

A thoughtful present that puts faith front and center is always an ideal choice for a Christian woman. These gifts provide religious inspiration while being useful and beautiful to boot. This isn't just a stylish bar necklace — it's also engraved with Proverbs so she can keep her favorite verse close to her heart. Whether it's in her car or on her desk, having this pretty water bottle around is more than just a reminder to drink up. Wrap this print up in a pretty frame for a gift that's ready to be hung up as soon as it's unwrapped.

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What does it mean to be a strong Christian woman? Sometimes I have mixed feelings and mixed responses and understandings about this. My mum and Dad raised my two sisters and me to be strong, capable and independent. When other kids were getting their hair done for school, having their parents help them with projects and caring for baby dolls, I was doing research on small Australian mammals, writing letters to my school principal about injustice within the school, choreographing dance routines and leading read coercing my friends into dance troupe perfection as well as taking phone messages for my parent's home business. As I have grown in life and in leadership, I sometimes feel as if I am out of place in Christian circles. Men are strong and capable as leaders, but other women appear not to take on these masculine traits and in fact submissiveness and gentility are celebrated characteristics for Christian women.


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    I was a born-and-raised conservative Christian. Now I'm a feminist science writer determined to call out my community's repressive beliefs about women.

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