Definition of mass media by different authors

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definition of mass media by different authors

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Published 05.04.2019

What is Media - Definition Meaning Explained - Media & Mass Communication Terms --

Scholars have largely ignored the task of constructing a definition of “mass media ” or .. leaves many media scholars uncomfortable with the terms and puzzled.

Mass media

Mass media refers to a diverse array of media technologies that reach a large audience via mass communication. The technologies through which this communication takes place include a variety of outlets. Broadcast media transmit information electronically via media such as films , radio , recorded music, or television. Digital media comprises both Internet and mobile mass communication. Internet media comprise such services as email , social media sites, websites , and Internet-based radio and television. Many other mass media outlets have an additional presence on the web, by such means as linking to or running TV ads online, or distributing QR Codes in outdoor or print media to direct mobile users to a website. In this way, they can utilise the easy accessibility and outreach capabilities the Internet affords, as thereby easily broadcast information throughout many different regions of the world simultaneously and cost-efficiently.

Mass communication can be best described by its counterparts. With regard to the number of people involved, mass communication has many participants, whereas interpersonal communication has few. With regard to visibility, mass communication is highly visible and public; private communication is hidden from others. Mass-communication messages are mostly provided by media professionals who collect, process, structure, and distribute information. It is a one-to-many communication with little feedback possibilities. In mass societies, mass communication is probably the most effective way of finding, discussing, and resolving issues that are relevant for the existence of a given society.

Mass media itself, and the information it conveys, even in a mutlimedia setting, must be widely acessible. Mass media is universally recognized as wielding great influence, but there has been great debate over its effects, source and control. Content of mass media is by this definition a product of the contemporary culture and the indiviual. The political and cultural impact of mass media is unmistakable from whatever prespective. Fashion, political campaigns, and war are migled with mass media spin. The rise of Nazism and Fascism, which Bejamin and Adorno experied first hand, certainly would not have been possible without propoganda in all mass media forms.

Littlejohn and Foss define mass communication as “the process whereby media Simply put, mass communication is the public transfer of messages through . as many employers are googling potential employees to look into their personal.
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Mass media Meaning

Simply put, mass communication is the public transfer of messages through media or technology-driven channels to a large number of recipients from an entity, usually involving some type of cost or fee advertising for the user. However, with the advent of outlets like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and text messaging, these definitions do not account for the increased opportunities individuals now have to send messages to large audiences through mediated channels. Nevertheless, most mass communication comes from large organizations that influence culture on a large scale. If successful, this will be one of the biggest mergers in history. When examining mass communication, we are interested in who has control over what content, for what audience, using what medium, and what are the results? Both McChesney and Bagdikian warn about the implications of having so few organizations controlling the majority of our information and communication. Perhaps this is the reason new media outlets like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook have consistently grown in popularity as they offer alternative voices to the large corporations that control most mass communication.


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    Media generally defined, is, “the main means of mass communication, esp. over space, and the suspention of interaction among authors and audiences. of the self,” and thus McLuhan's mass media must be the extensions of many men.

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