World war 1 start to end

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world war 1 start to end

World War 1: A History From Beginning to End by Henry Freeman

World War I

World War 1 was one of the bloodiest wars in modern history. At its end, it had claimed over seventeen million lives. It led to the collapse of nations, the abdication of monarchies and ended empires. Entire divisions of men perished in the pursuit of mere miles of uninhabitable wasteland –– towns were pulverized and millions displaced. It became a horrendous war of attrition, each side competing to kill as many of their foe as possible.

Inside you will read about...
✓ 1914 - Blood is spilled
✓ 1915 - The dawn of the industrialized war
✓ 1916 - Unrelenting bloodshed
✓ 1917 - Revolution, revelation and catastrophe
✓ 1918 - The great war at an end

It became the first industrialized war in history and introduced revolutionary technology into the fray. The airplane, the tank and the machine gun first saw action collectively during the conflict. It was also the first war in which poison gas was used to choke young men out of their trenches.

This book is a timeline account of the important events that shaped the First World War. It details the events and causes that led the world to war. This book covers the milestone moments, important battles, and how the outcome changed the world forever.

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The Complete History of the Second World War - World War II Documentary - Part 1

Millions died in World War One, as much of Europe, Russia, the US and the Middle East and days later, on the 11, Germany also agreed - ending the war.
Henry Freeman

Timeline of World War I

For one thing, the Serbians were angry with the Austro-Hungarian Empire yes, it was a combination Austria and Hungary for annexing Bosnia even though Bosnia still technically belonged to the Ottoman Empire. The Austro-Hungarians worried about the Serbs' potentially uniting all the Slavs in southeastern Europe, which could threaten the Hungarian part of their empire. Russia was mad at Austro-Hungary, too. The Russians saw that part of Europe, the Balkans, as their sphere of influence. Russia mobilized troops, which caused the Germans allies of the Austro-Hungarian Empire to declare war on both Russia and its ally France. In , the Germans cut through neutral Belgium on the way to attack France.

The spark that ignited World War I was struck in Sarajevo, Bosnia, The defeat meant the end of German plans for a quick victory in France.
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World War One ended at 11am on 11 November, This became known as Armistice Day - the day Germany signed an armistice an agreement for peace which caused the fighting to stop. People in Britain, France and the countries that supported them celebrated. In London, huge crowds gathered in Trafalgar Square to celebrate the end of war. A front page headline taken from The Daily Mirror on 12 November A front page headline taken from the Sheffield Independent the day after the fighting stopped. On November 11 , Americans celebrated the news that the war was over.


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    World War I also known as the First World War or the Great War, was a global war originating in Europe that lasted from 28 July to 11 November Contemporaneously described as "the war to end all wars", it led to the . World War I was a significant turning point in the political, cultural, economic, and social .

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