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my mad fat diary script

Rae Earl Quotes (Author of My Fat, Mad Teenage Diary)

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My Mad Fat Diary - Season 1 Episode 4

My Mad Fat Diary () Season 1 Episode Scripts - Springfield! Springfield! TV Show Episode Scripts. SS is dedicated to The Simpsons and host to thousands.

My Mad Fat Diary (2012) Season 1 Episode Scripts

S haron Rooney flashes a brilliant smile and shouts a cheery hello while rifling through a clothes rail in a photographic studio. Rae has problems with depression and is hung-up about her weight, but Rooney is comfortable in her own skin. She is relieved because a friend who works in the clothes industry has sent garments for her fashion shoot. Constant kidding. It takes a lot to make her angry, even more to make her cry. Throughout her childhood, Rooney performed nightly for her grandparents. Being an only child she played every part, developing an impressive facility for accents.

In the opening episode, Rae is discharged from psychiatric hospital. Back in the real world, all she wants is to be a normal teenager, but when you're secretly mad it's not that simple. Rae is determined to catch up with the rest of the gang in terms of her sexual experience, but worries her weight will stop her from getting a boyfriend. Then one of the boys in the gang asks her out. Rae and Chloe's friendship becomes difficult when Rae discovers who Chloe is secretly dating. Things start to get rocky and Rae finds herself drawn back to her old patterns of destructive behaviour. Rae is falling in love but doesn't know whether to admit it to the object of her desires.

To be continued? Is Finn at home? He's gone to Leeds, Rae. You're sitting there with your thumb up your arse while they take the piss out of me. I kind of owe you 16 birthday presents. So Izzy told him about the kiss? She just broke up with him.

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Series 1, Episode 4 - Chapter 4: Don't Ever Tell Anyone Anything!

Rae realises she's started to fall for Finn and contemplates telling him how she feels - she's sick of lying, and telling Chloe about her illness was a relief, so perhaps she needs to start being honest with everyone. Finn and Rae are getting on well, but she begins to worry that he'll never see her as more than just a mate, prompting Danny Two Hats to impart some advice about how to steer clear of the 'friend zone'. Rae's mum announces that she and Karim have to go to Tunisia for a few days, to stop the immigration authorities discovering him. Rae is delighted to have some space at last - but her mum leaves her with a clear warning: NO parties. When Rae makes a shocking and upsetting family discovery she seeks revenge on her mum - and invites Chop and the gang around.

I'm Dr Khan's replacement. Dr Gill. You can call me Kester. I told Dr Khan to ask you to start keeping a diary. But you can't read it because Dr Khan I don't want to read it.



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