Logic puzzle books for adults

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logic puzzle books for adults

My Best Mathematical and Logic Puzzles by Martin Gardner

Over a period of 25 years as author of the Mathematical Games column for Scientific American, Martin Gardner devoted a column every six months or so to short math problems or puzzles. He was especially careful to present new and unfamiliar puzzles that had not been included in such classic collections as those by Sam Loyd and Henry Dudeney. Later, these puzzles were published in book collections, incorporating reader feedback on alternate solutions or interesting generalizations.
The present volume contains a rich selection of 70 of the best of these brain teasers, in some cases including references to new developments related to the puzzle. Now enthusiasts can challenge their solving skills and rattle their egos with such stimulating mind-benders as The Returning Explorer, The Mutilated Chessboard, Scrambled Box Tops, The Fork in the Road, Bronx vs. Brooklyn, Touching Cigarettes, and 64 other problems involving logic and basic math. Solutions are included.
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Another reason to buy puzzle books is that doing puzzles and solving riddles may improve your brain performance, which is good for elderly and dementia patients. And in this post, I will provide you with a list of recommended books on puzzles and brain teasers—for adults and seniors in general. It is a dynamic assortment of riddles, challenges, and brainteasers vetted by a neuroscientist, specializing in brain aging.
Martin Gardner

Puzzle Power: The 8 Best Logic, Puzzle and Brain Teaser Books for Mental Workouts

Brain Games including puzzles , trivia challenges, riddles and problem-solving are all designed to not only challenge your skills but also keep your brain young. Just like exercise helps keep your body fit and functioning, puzzle games will help keep your brain active and give a cognitive advantage to those who regularly play them. In order to help you cross-train your brain, we have picked 8 of the best logic, puzzle and trivia challenge books to help you regrow your brain — and outsmart your competitors. The puzzles gradually become more challenging as you solve them and the author creates twists on standard puzzles that are guaranteed to keep you engaged. It will take all your wits and powers of logical thinking to figure things out and the use of humor, innovation and challenges make it that much more enjoyable. As you read along, you go about completing the puzzles and learn more about the guests, the house and the island and ultimately uncover a secret about the mansion itself. This illustrated game book was specifically created to cross-train the brain, to stretch, challenge and push the reader, all of which will stimulate the formation of neurons, essentially regrowing the brain.

Get your brain working with grid-based logic puzzles from emergencysurvival.info Filled with complex and fun brain teasers that range in difficulty, this book will.
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1. Logic Puzzles

The best logic puzzle books out there are the ones that keep us wanting more puzzles, more challenges, and more enjoyment after solving each problem. While the best book may vary from person to person and very well based on puzzle experience — there is a puzzle book for everyone. Some are new, some are old, and they cover a whole whack of different topics. The puzzles in this book use mathematical operations to solve Sudoku-style puzzles. The downside to this book is that all of the puzzles are the same math-logic style. The coolest thing about this book is that it includes statics on average solve time, record solve time, and other cool info for every single puzzle. I really like this book as an overall great logic puzzle book option because of the variety of puzzles within it.

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