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no country for old men reddit

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Published 25.03.2019

No Country for Old Men

The usually peaceable art-house cinema where we went for Round 1 had on this particular evening turned into a multimedia feedlot, all the punters searching through their popcorn or their gallon bags of Frito-Lays for their chirruping cell phones; one resourceful gentleman spent part of the film pouring ice cubes down his throat with one hand and BlackBerrying with the other. The real distraction, though, was the woman sitting next to Imus, his wife or girlfriend.
George Orwell

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It can be difficult to guess which movies will stand the test of time, but occasionally, a film is immediately recognized as a modern classic. A recent Reddit thread plumbed this very phenomenon, asking, "What film from to present day would you consider a modern classic that will be viewed as iconic in the future? Here are the top answers — while also some of the most controversial — in no specific order. It is still cited in the courts today. For two hours you're immersed in what you might otherwise think of as a boring, ordinary world, and yet every moment grabs your attention. It's not just a merit to [director Jonathan] Demme's ability to create tension and memorable impact with characters, but even more when you realize Anthony Hopkins spends like 11 minutes on screen, yet he's felt throughout the film. Much has to do with the famous tit for tat scene and the subtle power dynamics used with camera placement and eye line.

By Erika Engelhaupt. January 14, at pm. The maniacal laugh: only in the movies. Leistedt and his colleague Paul Linkowski spent three years watching movies looking for realistic portrayals of psychopaths. Leistedt says he personally watched all , some several times. That means he not only watched Psycho , but sat through Pootie Tang in the name of science.

No Country for Old Men – Audio Book Summary:

Essentially the film, which is set in the s, is a triangle. At its apex is a sweet-soul named Llewellyn Moss Josh Brolin. - App Store. Google Play.

Is No Country for Old Men one of the best films ever made? The thought, effort and detail can be seen in every frame, giving it a timeless essence. While out hunting in the Texan countryside, Llewelyn Moss Josh Brolin happens upon several dead bodies from what appears to be a shootout from a drug deal gone wrong. He also happens to find a satchel filled with two million dollars. Not realizing the consequences that could result, he takes the money. Based on that synopsis, I know nothing about it sounds remotely unique.


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    We've all been there.

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