Blues for mister charlie act 2

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blues for mister charlie act 2

Blues for Mister Charlie by James Baldwin

In a small Southern town, a white man murders a black man, then throws his body in the weeds. With this act of violence--which is loosely based on the notorious 1955 killing of Emmett Till--James Baldwin launches an unsparing and at times agonizing probe of the wounds of race. For where once a white storekeeper could have shot a boy like Richard Henry with impunity, times have changed. And centuries of brutality and fear, patronage and contempt, are about to erupt in a moment of truth as devastating as a shotgun blast.
In his award-winning play, Baldwin turns a murder and its aftermath into an inquest in which even the most well-intentioned whites are implicated--and in which even a killer receives his share of compassion.
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These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. The play opens during a class the Reverend Meridian Henry is teaching. His African American students are rehearsing for a play of some sort. Suddenly Parnell James rushes in exclaiming that Lyle Britten is about to be arrested for supposedly murdering Richard Henry , the reverend's son. He's on his way to warn Britten of his impending arrest. His exit leaves the young people confused and alarmed. Among themselves they discuss the racist paranoia of their fellow townspeople.

These notes were contributed by members of the GradeSaver community. Until, that is, the hate crime that results in the death of his son. At this point, Meridian his forced not only to re-valuate his peaceful non-violent approach to civil rights protesting, but to question the philosophical validity of waiting for his white comrades to discharge their own complicity in white privilege. This ambition leads to a heroin addiction. Seen by whites as Black Threat and by blacks as a rejection of white supremacy.

Blues for Mister Charlie is James Baldwin 's second play, a tragedy in three acts. It was first produced and published in Act I opens up with the Reverend Meridian Henry coaching negro students through their lines. They are interrupted by Parnell James, who brings them the news that Lyle Britten will be arrested for the murder of Richard Henry. When he leaves to inform Britten about his future arrest, the students talk amongst themselves about the struggles they face as black people. The scene shifts to Lyle and his wife, Jo Britten, in their store.

Act Two / Blues for Mister Charlie. HAZEL: It's a shame-having to rush everything this way. But it can't be helped. JO: Yes. I'm just so upset.
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Blues for Mister Charlie Characters

There will be firm literary as well as theatrical interest in Baldwin's new play which examines prejudice in a small Southern town responsible for the murder of a young Negro. Inspired by the case of Emmett Till, this is a dramatic look at southern small-town race relations at the mid-century point. As a play, though, it doesn't capture the usual power of Baldwin's prose. James Baldwin was born on August 2, , in New York. Baldwin's father was a pastor who subjected his children to poverty, abuse, and religious fanaticism. As a result, many of Baldwin's recurring themes, such as alienation and rejection, are attributable to his upbringing.


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