On the trail of the golden owl book

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on the trail of the golden owl book

Golden Owls by C.C. Dragon

Sandra Gates and three little golden owls arrive in Hawaii to solve a mystery. As an FBI consultant on precious metals and gems, she has to sort the real from the fake and help the Hilo PD figure out who made the fakes and pawned the trio. Hilo detective Eddie Harper is on the case and the owls are traced to the Kana family who have suffered a loss. Family treasures stolen. Another death under mysterious circumstances. And a total of a dozen adorable owls to straighten out… Gates and Harper have their hands full plus some complicated chemistry.
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10 Lost Treasures You Can Still Find

France's 25-year treasure hunt for a golden owl

Sadly he died in , but his memory lives on through the intriguing treasure hunt he created. Max Valentin also created more than forty other treasure hunts, whose prizes were successfully claimed. Nearly 80, players registered on the site and more than 60, cistes have been hidden throughout the world. Michel Becker. Michel Becker is an artist and treasure hunt enthusiast. He met Regis Hauser at a party and offered to get involved in his treasure hunt project, illustrating the clues and designing and funding the creation of the golden owl statuette. He currently owns the statuette of the Golden Owl, and he controversially tried to sell it at auction in June

1. The Golden Owl or 'La chouette d'or'

The book provides clues to the location of a buried statuette of an owl, created by Becker. After releasing the book, Max Valentin gave some genThe book was rst published in As of , the eral clues about the game. Some of the clues were and the location of the buried treasure remains a mystery. Dame de Paris, and Valentin felt the need to publicly dismiss these solutions.

The book provides clues to the location of a buried statuette of an owl , created by Becker. The book was first published in ; as of , [update] the "final zone" of the hunt has not been definitely identified, and the location of the buried treasure remains a mystery. It is the second longest-running contest in the armchair treasure hunt genre. The Golden Owl was Max Valentin's first treasure hunt, he first thought of the puzzle in the late s, and spent hours designing eleven textual riddles, which together hold the clues to a final location and a cache, somewhere in France. It is entirely made of gold and silver , with diamonds on the head.

The book's artist, Michael Becker, drew the book's illustrations but also crafted the still-buried bronze owl and the museum-held golden owl—the prize for the one who solves the final clue. Unfortunately, since the book's publication in , the owl's location has never been uncovered. The only one knowledgeable was Hauser himself and since his tragic death in April , the golden owl has remained more mysterious than ever. Reddit user "disinfected" has an informative write-up of On the Trail of the Golden Owl here, which details all of the clues and more information. However, the unfortunate number of tree trunks lying at the bottom make it beyond risky for divers to search, especially alone. It's left many locals and outsiders wary to continue this scavenger hunt, even though Nazi relics mostly munition and remainds of experiments have been uncovered in past expeditions. However, Captain Kidd's treasure is still suppoedly out there, in a number of areas in the world.


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