Skyrim unknown book vol 2

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skyrim unknown book vol 2

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Skyrim Dawnguard DLC - Emerald Paragon Location and Unknown Book Volume 2 Location

FormID. xx01a3e1. Main article: Books (Dawnguard) Behind the tree there are some weapons, a skeleton, a chest and Unknown Book Vol. II. Alternatively.

Unknown Book, Vol. II Item ID

One of them is the discovery of an Unknown Book which is written in an ancient Falmer language. There are 4 volumes in the set and are all available during the Touching The Sky quest, but can easily be missed. Here are their locations and what to do with them. The first volume is on the downslope of a mountainside in Forgotten Vale beside a chest and skeleton. The area is between the Wayshrine of Sight and Wayshrine of Learning, just after the spiders atop the mountain. The Unknown Book will be on the ground next to the chest.

Ancient Falmer Tomes

They can be found and brought back to Urag gro-Shub. This book is found up the hill in the Forgotten Vale from the Shrine of Sight.

For each Unknown Book, he will award and a translated version of that book. Directly after going through the two pillars, a very tall pillar is visible behind some rocks. Next to this tall pillar there should be a chest, a skeleton, and Unknown Book, Vol. I next to the tallest pillar. Once there, turn right and follow the river down past two broken pillars until multiple broken pillars are seen on the right-hand side behind the tree there are some weapons, a skeleton, a chest and Unknown Book, Vol.


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