Sweden no go zones 2018

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sweden no go zones 2018

Flushed: How the Plumber Saved Civilization by W. Hodding Carter IV

The unsung hero of human history was, of course, the Brain of Drains, the Hub of Tubs, the Power of Showers, the Brewer of Sewers...the humble plumber. -- W. Hodding Carter

When we consider the amenities that really make a difference in our well-being, surely good plumbing must rank near the top. But rarely have we taken the time to appreciate the engineering marvels that bring clean water into our homes with the turn of a tap and the flip of a lever. Until now.

Witty, anecdotal, and thoroughly entertaining, Flushed chronicles the long and notable history of plumbing, while following Hodding Carters travels and travails around the most underappreciated pillar of civilization. Its a winning combination of history, science, and firsthand experience -- a book that will both entertain and educate those who have never contemplated the hidden intricacies of this miracle of everyday technology.
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Torched cars, drug trade: Who is responsible for Sweden's 'no-go zones'?

Police on the beat in Sweden’s so called ‘no go zones’

The centre-left government in Stockholm has been facing a backlash over the recent crime wave — and the elephant in the room is migration. A record-high number of people 43 were killed in shootings in Sweden in — up massively from just eight in In one of the latest incidents, six men were shot and three of them killed in a drive-by shooting last month in the southern city of Malmo — a place where more than 40 percent of the population are non-Swedish. The victims were members of one of a number of gangs, the police said. According to data from the World Health Organization, Sweden has one of the highest levels of lethal gun violence in Europe. More than shootings occurred in Sweden in and a report that year suggested that more than 90 percent of shooting suspects came from immigrant backgrounds. Sweden has accepted more migrants per capita than any other European Union member state, welcoming nearly , people between and

They divide them into three categories:. The situation is acute. Vulnerable areas — are geographically defined and characterized by low socioeconomic status where crimals affect the local community. Their effect is mainly bound to the areas social context than that the criminals elaborate to take over the power over and control the community. The situation is severe. Risk areas — are at risk of turning into a particularly vulnurable area, but one or more of the criterias are missing.

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Snopes needs your help! Learn more. For example, U. Lawless thugs are wreaking havoc unchecked, and officers are often at personal risk when entering the crisis-hit areas. But Swedish police were quick to tell us that these so-called no-go zones do not exist.


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    This debate began in when the Swedish police released a list of so-called "vulnerable areas" as part of their work to map the situation in some of the country's segregated suburbs.

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