Grimm fairy tales robyn hood 1

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grimm fairy tales robyn hood 1

Robyn Hood, Volume One by Pat Shand

I was a little dubious of this title. My first try in the Grimm verse was not a great success. I had to give this one a try simply because I am a lifelong Robin Hood fan and have probably seen every incarnation of him (now her) there is. This one did not disappoint. This is a story of revenge and very action packed. The inner art work is very good, just a couple of notches below the cover arts standard. The thing that made this one different is it is an adult themed story as well as the art work.

Robyn was born in the realm of Mysts but raised on Earth. She had a hard life growing up having to fight for everything, but with a good heart taking what she need to survive but sharing the rest out among the needy. In college, she is attacked raped, and maimed by the son of the local Kingpin. While she is plotting her revenge she is pulled back to Mysts as their saviour. She is promised if she fulfils her task she would be sent back to Earth get her revenge. This is probably the best reason the author could have used to make Robyn a woman as the trauma she suffers is much worse for a women then a man. Also I think the Zenoscope artists much prefer drawing pretty girls.

There are a couple of things that I might have changed one being that Robyn is a good fighter but suddenly in Mysts she becomes a great fighter almost instantly (though this could be explained because there is something magical about). Time in both realms seem to be aligned so the time that Robyn spends in Mysts also pass on Earth. All the time fighting Robyn spends in Mysts, make her deadlier and harder. I am not ashamed I cheered with every arrow Robyn put into the bad guys.

The main reason this comic works with the sex change when other do not is, they stay true to the Robin Hood character. She is a fighter, but her greatest skill is her archery, and she completely uses the take from the rich to give to the poor. I also appreciate how she does this in the modern world as well. The only real let down in the book for me is her bow. It is supposed to be magic but as far I can see it does not do anything apart from glowing.

If you want to try Zenoscope comics out I would recommend this one. There are other one shots and a second miniseries starting in mid-2013. An excellent story, great art work completely worthy of the Robin Hood legend.
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Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Robyn Hood - Volume 3 - Legend

Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: Robyn Hood Series

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Zenescope Week: Robyn Hood Volume 1

The Grimm Fairy Tale line has some excellent titles with some stunning art and it really should be talked about. Robin Hood is a personal hero of mine and the thought of him as a female and in current times just seemed, well wrong. But Rob? Robin Hood? Besides reading my fathers dog-eared pocket hardcover from grammar school I grew up watching Errol Flynn face Basil Rathbone on the castle steps in that awesome duel yea you know, that one. Though I felt some apprehension I dove in. Pat Shand has a really good story here!


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