A life worth living meaning

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a life worth living meaning

A Life Worth Living Quotes by Robert Zaretsky

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It would be far too easy to see this life as merely a vale of tears—a time of trial we must experience and through which we must suffer with such virtue as we can muster, so as to reach a higher reward in the next life. What then could possibly make this life, on its own rather than as a prelude and test for the next life, worth living? One benefit of losing things is the opportunity it provides to judge the importance of what has been lost.

A Life Worth Living: How to Find and Follow Your Meaning

Who was responsible for inventing the phrase? And why did the question become so burning in the 19th century that Schopenhauer, Kierkegaard, Tolstoy and others all made it into one of the central questions of their philosophies? Why is this so? Why do people in more wealthy countries find it harder to identify the meaning of their life? And where can we members of modern Western secularized societies find meaning? You are commenting using your WordPress.

But Camus, the second-youngest recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature after Rudyard Kipling, addressed it with unparalleled courage of conviction and insight into the irreconcilable longings of the human spirit. If the question abides, it is because it is more than a matter of historical or biographical interest. Our pursuit of meaning, and the consequences should we come up empty-handed, are matters of eternal immediacy. Camus pursues the perennial prey of philosophy — the questions of who we are, where and whether we can find meaning, and what we can truly know about ourselves and the world — less with the intention of capturing them than continuing the chase. Reflecting on the parallels between Camus and Montaigne , Zaretsky finds in this ongoing chase one crucial difference of dispositions:.

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What makes a life worth living? Is it having an expensive car and a fat bank account? Is it having lots of romantic partners? If you get that big promotion and become the boss, does that make your life meaningful? Like happiness, everyone wants a life that is filled with meaning, a life worth living. What does that mean?


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