The life and adventures of santa claus stop motion

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the life and adventures of santa claus stop motion

Life and Adventures of Santa Claus by Lyman Frank Baum

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Published 30.01.2019

In The World To Come - The Life And Adventures Of Santa Claus

It is based on the children's book of the same name by L. Frank Baum. The Council of Immortals.
Lyman Frank Baum

“The Life & Adventures of Santa Claus” was the best Rankin/Bass “Animagic” TV special ever!

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Gardner, who based the teleplay and song lyrics on the story by The Wonderful Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum. This one-hour TV special — which aired for the first time in the U. The story begins in the fictional forest of Burzee, where a council of immortals have gathered to discuss the fate of Santa Claus. It is against the law to bring a human into the Forest, but the Great Ak decides to allows Necile to raise the child while Shiegra stays to protect them. Little Claus was raised by immortals in the forest to live a sublime life immersed in peace and harmony, but as an adolescent, the Great Ak takes him to see the mortal world, where he discovers that the rest of the world is rife with cruelty and suffering.

Long ago in the Forest of Burzee , a council meeting is held where the Great Ak tells the story of Santa Claus to the leaders of the Immortals, hoping to persuade them to grant Claus immortality. About 60 years earlier, the Great Ak finds an abandoned baby in the snowy woods on the border of the Forest. He gives it to the lioness Shiegra to raise. However, after hearing about the discovery of the infant, Necile, a Wood Nymph, steals him from Shiegra and goes to the Great Ak, begging him to let her raise the child. After initial concern that a human was brought into the Forest which is against the law, the Great Ak allows Necile to raise the child while Shiegra stays to protect them.

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