A man and his prostate reviews

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a man and his prostate reviews

I Left My Prostate in San Francisco-Wheres Yours? by Rick Redner

At age 58, I (the author) went to a routine exam in order to obtain a prescription refill. My life was turned upside down when my urologist discovered a suspicious lump on my prostate. This was the beginning of our journey with prostate cancer. I chose Robotic Surgery to treat my cancer. Prostate surgery permanently alters your identity, your sexuality, relationships and outlook on life Since many of these issues men and couples face post-surgery are intensely private, most men/couples struggle silently and alone.

My wife & I made a very difficult decision to share our intimate emotional, relational, sexual, and spiritual struggles. Additionally we share our mistakes, victories, insights, humor, and faith.

My wife is a Registered Nurse and I have a Masters Degree in Social Work with experience in medical social work. Our professional training and personal experiences are blended together to make our book useful to any man and/or couple thinking about, or coping with life after prostate surgery.
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How to Find His Prostate

Ed Asner, winner of seven Emmy Awards, stars in the comedic look at a serious topic that is being presented 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso. Dealing with prostate cancer on a personal level, the play was created and written by Ed Weinberger, who, like.
Rick Redner

Ed Asner play A Man and His Prostate is full of healthy laughs

It's an entertaining reading by Asner of what a different Ed, Ed Weinberger , wrote concerning what he went through after he collapsed while on a vacation in Italy. Since I'm not going to describe the show in much detail, you can read a review to learn about it. What I want to do is share five observations of A Man and His Prostate based on my personal experience of being also a man, with a prostate, who has had prostate problems of his own. Weinberger's writing and Asner's performance are wonderfully light-hearted. It was great to view the humorous side of a prostate problem. But I can pretty much guarantee that when Weinberger was experiencing his prostate travails "two hours from kidney failure" due to urinary retention, we learn there wasn't nearly as much amusement in them. This isn't a criticism of the show, nor of the copious laughter that accompanied Asner's reading.

A Man and His Prostate. Playing the part of 'The Man' tonight -- Ed Asner! You may expect a one-man play starring showbiz icon Ed Asner to be an autobiographical piece about the actor's life and decades-spanning career in the entertainment world. After all, the man who played Lou Grant must have some pretty amazing stories to tell the celebrity name-dropping alone would be worth the price of a ticket! Asner's for over 40 years. Weinberger became very ill while vacationing in Italy, and he wound up spending seven days in a Florence hospital. The life-changing week included a digital rectal exam, pubic hair shaving, enemas, catheterization, the fear of post-surgical impotence, and sex after 70 -- all of which the audience gets to hear about in squirmish detail in A Man and His Prostate.

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    As a man gets older, he and his prostate may not always get along.

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    Ed Asner in New York City: The Prostate Monologues | HuffPost

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    Ed Asner | Press Reviews

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    Actor Ed Asner, currently touring a one-man comedy-drama about prostate cancer, visited Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center on Friday to shine a light on the need for early detection.

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    At 88 years old Ed Asner is still a real trouper.

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