Dreaming about witnessing a crime

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dreaming about witnessing a crime

The California Dreaming Series (Books 1 - 4) by Stacey Johnston

Four lives entwined in secrets…

Four boys in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

When Ben, Luke, Kyle & Stephen become witnesses to a crime in a darkened alley, they set off a chain of events that changes their lives in ways they never imagined.

For each, a battle between the forces of good and evil awaits…

Will it leave a devastating effect, or could it be the start of new beginnings.

How will it end?
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Dreams I Never Had - Award Winning Movie - Full Length - HD - Drama

What Do Dreams About Murder And Crime Mean? 4 Nightmares About Breaking The Law, Explained

By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. Violence and criminal activity in your dream can often cause stress and anxiety. A criminal dream can show desire or guilt, or the fear of being accused of a crime that has not been committed. Your dream may also predict that the consequences of your past actions may soon be near, as karma is coming back to you. If you are a part of the criminal activity in your dream, it can mean several things.

Witnessing violence in dreams is definitely not pleasant because there is nothing appealing about violence. Often times the people who dream about violence are hardly violent people and would never hurt anyone. However, the dreams usually leave them shaking, sweating and questioning why it happened. They could dream of taking part in the violence, experiencing it or being the spectator. If you have recently had an experience that was violent and traumatized you, then do not be surprised if the violence makes its way into your dream. You could have been a victim of robbery with violence, experienced a violent earthquake and survived or someone could have acted in a violent manner towards you. You could seek professional help on the matter or let it out by opening up to a trusted friend.

And dreaming that someone is committing a crime against you If you witness someone else's kidnapping in a dream, you might be "not letting.
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What do Dreams about Crime and Acts of Violence Mean?

Dreams are so fascinating and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. Everyone has their very own way of producing these mind played dramas within their own mind and I have an excellent time hearing from all of you when you feel the need to share your dreams with us. Perhaps you are looking for an interpretation from the minds eye of someone else, I try my best to help with this when someone is seeking advice on their dreams, so feel free to take advantage of the comments for this purpose. So, to cut to the chase let me introduce this next post in the dream series… We are going to cover dreams that involve what are known as Bad Deeds! So what do they mean, and what are we trying to tell ourselves.

To dream of a witness represents an aspect of yourself that has proof or is verifiable. Feelings about yourself or someone else being fully aware of something that happened. Negatively, dreaming about a witness may reflect feelings about being unable to deny your dishonesty or guilt. Difficulty escaping guilt. Difficulty ignoring or forgetting something negative that happened. Issues with traumatic events.


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    15 Dreams About Murders: Meaning & Interpretation

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    Dreaming about witnessing someone committing a crime indicates the possibility of being subject to scrutiny or becoming a victim of harsh judgments. People.

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