Best nonfiction books about alaska

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best nonfiction books about alaska

Popular Non Fiction Alaska Books

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Published 03.01.2019

18 Great Books You Probably Haven't Read

For some, Alaska books are a way to step back in time and experience a bit of what the early Pioneers did.
Anne Hobbs Purdy

33 Alaska Books That are a Must Read!

From classic narratives of roughing it in the bush to contemporary takes on quirky Alaskan characters, Alaska has inspired writers to reach for superlatives from day one. With these favorites on your shelf, a new adventure in Alaska seems all- too-real and very tempting! This book authored by Sam Keith from the journals and photographs of Richard Proenneke has singlehandedly launched many a wilderness odyssey since its publication in In this engaging and entertaining book by Haines, AK resident Heather Lende , the author uses her unique perspective as the chronicler of obituaries and social happenings at her local paper to bring the offbeat locals of Haines to life. What happens next astonishes everyone. Unfolding a tale of surprise, lush beauty, and just a touch of the otherworldly, this one will really whet your appetite for the imaginative possibilities of the landscape.

What is Alaska? Rugged homeland of resilient Native Americans, former Russian colony, site of the only battle of the second world war to take place on US soil … wait a minute, second world war battlefield? Believe it. The blind spot most of us have about Alaska is nearly as vast as its geography — it's about seven times the size of the UK. In , one of the toughest and least-known American battles of the war took place in Alaska's Aleutian Islands. Discovering this little-known historical fact compelled me to study Alaska's remarkable history and eventually write my second novel, a tale of wartime survival and devotion, The Wind is Not a River.

You may have heard that Alaska is large. This is true. You may also have heard that Alaska is a frozen wasteland populated by loners who spend their time hunting caribou to feed their families and sled dogs through the ten-month winter while waiting for gold-panning season to arrive. This is not true. The expedition was bankrolled by railroad tycoon Edward Harriman, and traveled with a collection of books on Alaska. Unlike me, they had stevedores to carry their trunks and a comfortable smoking lounge to read in. Along the way I amassed a small collection of books that collectively give a pretty good sense of what draws people to Alaska and what keeps them there.

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The book follows an idealistic, recent college graduate until his tragic end in Denali National Park. Some praise the protagonist, Christopher McCandless, as someone who understands the wilderness, while others see him as a character whose disrespect of nature causes his death. In the late s, scientist Edward Teller shared his plans to detonate six nuclear bombs off the northwestern Alaska coast in an effort to create a new harbor.

Despite all the progress in the 21st century, Alaska remains primitive. People still move there, not to tame the land but to learn to live in harmony with it. Survival means learning to deal with subzero temperatures, ferocious storms, grizzly bears, moose, wolves. Working and playing in Alaska demands endurance of the body and spirit. Alaska remains the last great frontier where survivors are those who become one with nature and themselves. Between and Frank Glaser trekked across wilderness Alaska on foot, by wolf-dog team, and eventually, by airplane. He was a market hunter, trapper, roadhouse owner, professional dog team musher, and federal predator agent.


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    Alaska is awe-inspiring in its beauty and brutal with its vastness, terrain and weather; nonfiction books about Alaska are a great way to discover its splendor and.

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    Popular Non Fiction Alaska Books

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    Answer 1 of Kind of a weird question but here goes My parents are going to be traveling to alaska next summer, a trip my mom has dreamt of for years and.

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