Short story about friendship and love

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short story about friendship and love

Love and Friendship by Jane Austen

Letter The FIRST is from
Mrs. M Faerie to M. Goodreads
Janry 1st -- 2016

My Dearest M. Goodreads,

I write this to you not in praise of a worthy book - though it is indeed worthy - but instead as a dire warning. I cannot in good conscience give you this warning beforehand, instead, for you to fully understand the necessity of said warning, I must start at the beginning.

My day began like most others, awakening in the Fae Manor to a quiet house long before the sun would kiss the clouds. But today, I was determined to put from my mind the chaos that was the abhorrent mess of a house that so vexed me brought about by my children and husband. Instead, I thought upon the precious time so allotted me this morn and sat before the hearth with this book, after starting a fire. My list of unread tomes were great, but these particular letters called to me in their brevity and in the hope of making progress of such said list for not only the sake of progress. Little more than one hundred pages, it could be said that I achieved that goal.

Miss Jane Austen in all her sensibility and charms makes good on her promise to entertain in all her somewhat five and ten years. So much so, that I, myself, felt as if I were once again of the same age. What only could be called a true teenagers drama of this age is readily apparent in these letters. From all the misfortunes and adventures to be had in life, to all the circumstances that one should avoid the imputation of Obstinacy, these letters address it. Not only does Miss Austen pull you into her world of scandalous behavior and the sheer enjoyment of her writing but with the intensity of dramatic events, will leave your sensibilities being most severely tried. I, myself, felt faint quite often and had to revive myself justly thereafter. But herein is the warning. For those who have not the stern disposition of my fortitude, I implore you, leave this book alone! For as one of the characters shows us by continued fainting after the death of her beloved, doing so, especially in the chillings of the night air can cause violent pain in delicate limbs which will lead to death! Said character even uses her dying breath and last words to warn her best friend to beware the fainting spells, especially in one who has a gentle nature like herself! Well I steeled myself at this most important warning, and resolved not to be so affected in disposition to such maladies. I am happy to say I made it through the letters which I am enclosing, without further mishap.

But, dear reader, I leave you with this last bit of advice as well from an old woman of my one and forty years - Beware of fainting-fits whilst reading these letters!

In all good conscience it can now be said that I did all I could to diminish the probability of destruction to any and all constitutions. I am justified in the writing of this letter and refuse to be a martyr to my sorrow should you perish in the same manner. I wash my hands of the situation and will return to the fireside to continue with a different set of letters. Perhaps some continued reading of Wrath of Dragons, the fifth book in the series of George R. R. Martin, will be better for my disposition.

Affectionately yours,
M. Faerie

N.B. I must also make quick note of the history section of these letters. I concur with Miss Austen in her opinion that history is not at all droll but instead dull, lacking in affection and excitement, and with not enough women. Her account of a history lesson, although lacking in dates, points out sufficient information of the time. Another woman in my stature and age might say they find this passage highly amusing and very accurate of a viewpoint of a girl of this age, however, I will not deign to agree with this opinion, in that it is more desirable from an outwards appearance to coincide with Miss Austens beliefs.
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We Were Friends - Short Film (2017)

Love Short Story — From Love to friendship…. Photo credit: jzlomek from morguefile. He was my bestie….
Jane Austen

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Once in a city there was a girl-Kelly. She was an open minded girl with cool attitude. Her father was a cop in that city. She had joined graduation in nearby university. On the first day, she imagined that, all people would be more intelligent with mature look. After entering into the class she felt uncomfortable from inside, but acted to be comfortable form the outside. The classmates were not cool, she felt.

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