Dan rather lied about bush

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dan rather lied about bush

Rather Outspoken: My Life in the News by Dan Rather

This memoir by Dan Rather is told in a straightforward and conversational voice, and covers all the important moments of his journalistic career, including a frank accounting of his dismissal from CBS, the Abu Ghraib story, the George W. Bush Air National Guard controversy, new insights on the JFK assassination, the origin of Hurricane Dan as well as inside stories about all the U.S. Presidents he covered and all the top personalities Dan has either interviewed or worked with over his distinguished career.

The book will also include Dans thoughts on the state of journalism today and what he sees for its future, as well as never-before-revealed personal observations and commentary.
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The Bush Rather Debate 1988 emergencysurvival.info

Dan Irvin Rather Jr is an American journalist. Rather began his career in Texas and was on the . Some people were lying on the grass, some screaming, some running, some pointing. .. On September 21, , Rather's lawyers claimed that Bush's military service would be proven to be a sham and Rather would be.
Dan Rather

Dan Rather, Still Wrong After All These Years

P robably most people think of George H. Bush as the anti-Trump — genteel, reserved, and polite to a fault. And sometimes he was, but he also wasn't afraid to knife a journalist here or there when he felt it was deserved, or even just because it might distract from a potentially harmful story. Below is the video from when Bush famously stuck it to Dan Rather on the CBS news broadcast in the middle of a live interview in Bush was angry because Rather had led into this interview with a six-minute news piece that insinuated Bush was much more involved in Iran-Contra than House and Senate investigations controlled by Democrats, for what that's worth had already concluded after extensive testimony and investigation. Bush came into the interview with an overtly combative mien, accusing Rather of misleading his audience. Rather reciprocated, repeatedly interrupting Bush's answers.

Enter Bill Burkett

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The network said it would appoint an independent panel to look at its reporting about the memos. The story has mushroomed into a major media scandal, threatening the reputations of CBS News and chief anchor Dan Rather. It also has become an issue in the presidential campaign. Almost immediately after the story aired Sept. Jerry B.

Dan Irvin Rather Jr. Rather began his career in Texas and was on the scene of the Kennedy assassination in Dallas in He served as foreign correspondent in London and Vietnam over the next two years before returning to the White House correspondent position, covering the presidency of Richard Nixon , including his trip to China, Watergate scandal and resignation. He also frequently contributed to CBS's weekly news magazine 60 Minutes. Within a year of Brokaw's retirement and Jennings's death, he left the anchor desk in following a controversy in which he presented unauthenticated documents in a news report on President George W. Bush 's Vietnam War —era service in the National Guard. He continued to work with CBS until

The resultant exposure of these documents as forgeries, coupled with a lack of proper news investigating techniques, led to the ouster of four senior producers at CBS several months later, as well as the departure of long-time anchorman Dan Rather , for whom the scandal was named. Because of this, the event was also infamous for coining the phrase "fake but accurate", referring to Fake news. In September, , the presidential campaign between George W. Bush and John Kerry was in its final months. Part of American politics was to issue what is called an "October surprise", in effect a last-minute effort by the opposition aimed at discrediting the leading candidate to the point that he loses the election. The intent of the broadcast was to prevent Bush's reelection by insinuating that he had used his political connections to avoid service in Vietnam. A highlight of the segment was an interview with former Texas House Speaker and Lt.


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    The Killian documents controversy involved six documents that are critical of President George W. Bush's service in the Texas Air National Guard in –73, allegedly typed in Dan Rather presented four of these documents as authentic in a 60 Minutes Burkett claimed that Bush's commander Lieutenant Colonel Jerry B. Killian.

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